Thursday, 16 January 2014

January 8th -16th

I can’t believe it’s over a week since updating my Blog, my intention was to update every few days, however, it reflects I have been busy over the last week so could never find the time/inclination to sit down and write something of interest.

I haven’t managed to do anymore running since my last outing, deciding to give the shins as long as possible, but! Must make an effort this evening or tomorrow to get out and ‘start again’ March the 30th Exe to Axe is getting nearer. I will never get the miles in to run a hard 20 miles along the coast and enjoy it, if I don’t start now. However, I have managed to get  out on my bike twice for two 30 mile trips out to look at the levels, [Hope photos will be below, if I manage to suss how to do it] With the Crock street road being shut, I was forced over the hills of Combe St Nicholas, from the top of the hill it was plain to see the ‘new sea’ that was  the Somerset levels, I risked going down through Ham village, an area that   floods quite often when there is very heavy sustained rain, but it was clear with ditches both sides full and the suspension bridge being inches from the water surface rather than the usual six feet! [see photo] I decided that North Curry was a no go so kept to high ground through Knapp, spectacular view of the flooded levels and on to Meare Green and Hatch Beauchamp. I also saw my first lambs of 2014 at Hatch Beauchamp[photo below] I was surprised to see over 2000ft of climbing on the  Garmin and indicating 1600cals + used, leaving space for more Christmas cake.

View from Knapp over Curry Moor
Suspension Bridge,Ham
View over Curry Moor from Knapp

New Lambs at Hatch Beauchamp

The week has also seen us taking advantage of the days in between the heavy showers to get  out in the Camper, giving it a good run by taking it over to Minehead for the day, nice walk along a deserted front and cheese fryit, chips and peas with bread and butter and pot of tea in the café [despite having a cooker in the van!! but I did make real coffee overlooking the sea] we followed this up 2 days later with a trip to Exmouth on a glorious Saturday, I have never seen Exmouth so busy making parking on the front difficult. The beach was full of dogs [and their owners!] all having a great time chasing balls and running in and out of the sea, plenty of children too, wrapped up, but making the most of the sunshine and  the beach to construct sandcastles. A lovely walk from the Orcombe Rocks end into Exmouth and back raised the appetite for French stick, cheese, tomato etc. washed down with large mugs of tea  - the advantages of a Campervan.

Also this week started back to work with a Bikeability course  at a Taunton school, we only got one heavy shower so were lucky, a great time was had by all, the children commenting how nice it is to go cycling for two full days – I have found in most cases children who come on our Bikeability do lack cycling experience and therefore confidence, but after 2 days of full on biking, they are all far more confident and competent cyclists, I just hope they keep it up and able to convince parents and carers to allow them out  on their bikes and continue cycling. The next few weeks are busy with Bikeability, I just hope the weather stays reasonable to give the children chance to experience the joy of being out and about on a bike. It’s amazing when standing at the side of the road what you see with motorists,[vans and lorries included]  mobile phone usage is common, as is speeding along with using inopportune moments to overtake an inexperienced group of children on bikes!! It’s quite interesting that the children really notice and comment on the actions of motorists. The bus drivers were very courteous and acknowledged what we were doing.

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