Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Weather gets better, lots of activity and a Bank Holiday.

30th August 2017

Following on from the last post Wednesday dawned bright and sunny, it was actually going to be a good day for a Wobble!
Ten of us gathered to decide on today’s coffee stop. We chose Hestercombe as most of us had, had a few trips to the coast lately so an inland trip seemed a good choice.

We set off at a good pace , down the lanes recently resurfaced or should I say surface dressed with those horrible stones leaving piles of grit and stones to catch you unawares on the corners!!! We had to take it steady in places. Up and over Bickenhall and Slough Green before descending down to cross the A358, a dual carriageway where traffic doesn’t take prisoners!! Fortunately there are traffic lights to slow them one way and there is a central refuge to wait until the other carriageway is clear. Crossed over we went on through Creech St Michael and the horrid speed bumps and chicane style traffic calming, must be horrible to live there and travel through those every day!

Over the M5 Bridge looking smugly at the traffic racing along, all three lanes very busy, before climbing up though the newly built housing of Monkton Heathfield and onto Hestercombe House and a welcome coffee stop

A pot of tea and a piece of strawberry flapjack hit the spot nicely, it wasn’t too busy so we were able to dominate the café with the 10 of us dragging tables together. It was lovely sat in the sunshine, but! All too soon it was time to remount and return. We went a similar way home but added a few extra miles bu going back round North Curry and Hatch Beauchamp, 41 miles only, but a lovely ride in great weather, no wind either!!

Thursday yet again dawned bright and sunny and Thursday was run day, a trip to Sainsburys to stock up for the Bank Holiday before I put on my trainers for an evening run, it is strange how the body changes each time you exercise, last week the same run, I really struggled, heavy legs, no power etc, today was totally different I knew it was better after the first hill, I felt good so pushed the pace, 6.4 miles, at a 9 min mile pace, I really enjoyed it, the down side was my Plantar Fasciitiswas nagging me when I sat down later, and the following morning! I really don’t know what to do about it I have tried several things, but I am reluctant to give up running, but! Maybe I need a couple of months of to get it right!!!!!!

Friday was again lovely, very little wind so decided I would meet up with the Wheelers for their afternoon ride, its usually quite fast  for the first 24 miles to the café and then a steady ride back for the last 18 miles. Many of them had met up early for a longer ride, but I couldn’t make it so, that left 2 of us to do the ride, I knew Mark from before and knew he was a strong rider, but we agreed to let each other know if the pace was too high! We set a good pace with an average of 17.5 mph to the café !!! which was fast for me, But I didn’t feel too bad and apart from the uphills where I managed to hang on to Marks wheel I did quite well and pleased with my performance, it was a good afternoon for cycling, warm, sunny, no wind. A welcome cuppa at Martock  Cedar Tree café at Yandles wood yard

we were able to sit outside, another 6 of us this time and again it was soon time to saddle up for the ride home. It was a good pace, a bit fast at times especially the big 15% climb out of Seavington  St Michael. A great ride and will try to catch it this week weather permitting I think the faster pace helps my fitness 40 miles covered at 16.5 mph.

Saturday was Bank holiday Saturday, and that means stay at home as its busy everywhere, it was gloriously sunny again, unlike the weather of recent times. I made the decision to go to Seaton to do the Park Run as I was feeling fit and I hadn’t done one since March.

It was easy driving down, as it was early, 240 of us lined up on the pebbles, many holiday visitors, I wondered how they would get on with the pebbles at the start and at the turns!!!
It was a good run I tried to keep a steady pace and kept a couple of runners in sight as a pacer, the pebbly turns certainly slowed you down! It was soon over and I recorded 16mins 57 secs which was 1 min and 3 secs slower than last time, so pleased with that, it was however, very hot!! I think the winner was something like 16 mins!!!

Sunday I decided to rest and spent the day sat in the shade reading!! But Monday I was out on my bike early to beat the heat, out at 8 back by 10:15,  28 miles covered .

Tuesday was another run off road with Rachael my neighbour, 6.1 miles off road round Neroche, an enjoyable run wher we are able to solve all the world’s problems and more!!! It was once again very hot.

Today [Wednesday] the weather has changed and started off very wet! And chilly, you can tell it’s a wobble day!! So no wobble for me, perhaps the weather will be better tomorrow! For a ride 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Good running and cycling week

The summer continues in name only, the weather still remains very changeable with a hint of Autumn in the air, but! At least it was good weather on Wednesday for the weekly wobble, we cycled over Beaminster Down to Hamishes Farmshop at Yetminster, a great coffee stop, we were able to sit in the sunshine before cycling back through East Coker and over Ham Hill to pick up the old Fosse Way road back home, a good 50 miles today.

Thursday was run day and it was a very hard run again around town, only 6 miles  but I did struggle,my tendon and PF noticeable.

Saturday I joined a local cycle Group the ‘Chard Chaingang’ for their Saturday morning ride, I did know several of the group and decided to give them a go. There were 13 riders as we set off towards Winsham and over Chedington to Sutton Bingham before heading back as Wednesdays ride over Ham Hill to the levels and the community café at Kingsbury Episcopi, we overwhelmed the café with 13 cyclists ordering coffee, tea, cake etc! it was nice to sit outside in the sunshine. Our route home took us through Ilminster and back onto the cycle track, a great ride in good company and another 50 miles covered, I must try to get out with them again.

Sunday was a trip to see grandchildren in Gloucester, and meet up with our other son, who was in town for a dog agility show. We had a lovely day in the garden, the twins growing fast and grand daughter now growing even faster. It was a very wet drive home on Sunday night.

Monday Mrs B had to work so I took myself off to run the coast at Beer, big hills, very warm, I managed to run most of the hills, and had a very enjoyable run, but! Very hot. 6.5 miles so a good run.

So after a couple of poor weeks for getting out at least the weather wasn’t too bad and is looking good for the Wobble today. No events planned until the Herepath Half marathon at the end of October, hopefully giving my injuries time to mend themselves.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Jurassic 10k, House swap and rubbish weather continues!

15th August 2017

I tried out my new shoes on a run around town, 5 miles, its amazing how new shoes make a difference. My tendon and PF still continue in the background, but dont appear to be affecting my running, after a mile or so they seem to ease off. The mornings getting out of bed seem to be the worst.

My lead up to the Bridport Jurassic 10k was a run around the route on Thursday, a very windy day and I did struggle feeling quite dejected when I got back to the car as I didnt feel it went well at all, my legs felt heavy! I decided that I would try to loosen them with a cycle ride on Friday so 25 miles on a low gear, did seem to help a little.

Sunday race day dawned, lovely sunny warm day, making a change from the rubbish wet weather we have been having, I have been shower dodging all week.

West Bay was already quite busy when I parked up, and collected my number, I was told there were more entries this year, last year I did 24/64 with 1 hr 8 mins could I beat it!! this year.

We lined up on a great morning, gentle breeze, very warm in the sunshine.

                                      view of the race start on 'Broadchurch hill'

I kept a reasonable pace up the first hill, holding my own about half way down the field. We soon hit the single track footpath, fortunately this year the gate was open rather than the stile, I tripped on the footpath and fell heavily on my elbow, I did jump up quickly but my arm felt achy and there was broken skin.
we were soon running through the caravan park and the first drink station, I had decided this time to try flat coke with water in a small bottle, but still accepted a drink.
the climb out of Eype was steep and we were soon walking, I seem to be holding my own, and felt ok.

down in the dip before the very steep climb to Thorncombe Beacon, another drink and descend down a little before climbing back up and around to Down House Farm and the long fast descent back to Eype, I should have gone faster down the hill,but! I didnt  I had no idea on my position in the field, my time seemed ok. The final climb before descending to the finish was hard, more walking!
I tried a fast descent to the finish, holding my own with no one passing me. The finish area was lined with supporters cheering us on. I crossed the line in 1hr 10 mins and 34th out of 74. Not as good as last year, but I did my my best and was happy with the way I ran, given I didnt prepare enough with running.

I got home to find the grandchildren had arrived to swap houses for the week, we had a lovely time before we went to Gloucester to House/cat sit for the week whilst they had a holiday in our house, visiting the coast etc.

I forgot to pack my trainers, so no running or cycling for the week, although we did lots of walking whilst in Gloucester.

We came back on thursday, and had a lovely if some what windy day on the beach at West bay with the children.
I did manage to run 5 miles round town on the Saturday, seemed very hard work, very heavy legs again, not going too well at the moment. Sunday 26 miles cycle ride to try once again to loosen my legs, maybe its old age creeping in. 
No wobble again last week, the weather seems to target Wednesday for a wet day!!! I am hopeful for this week!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A cycle, a walk, a run and new trainers

2nd August 2017
Last week was a busy week with a good 39 mile cycle ride over the Blackdown Hills on Tuesday, Churchstanton, Hemyock, Dunkeswell with 5000 ft of climbing, a hard ride but the weather was lovely after the changeable weather we seem to be having at the moment. 

Wednesday dawned wet and windy so no Wobble again!!! My new running shoes arrived a pair of Asics Cumulus, my old Nimbus  have managed approximately 700 miles plus over eighteen months. I did a short town run on Wednesday evening after the rain only 3.4 miles with my daughter who was visiting.

Thursday was a nice change as I met up with an old work colleague [old being a key word as he was 86!] for a walk on Dartmoor. We caught the bus from Oakhampton to the Fox and Hounds on the west side of the Moor and then walked over the Moor back to Oakhampton via Great Links Tor, Sourton, Meldon Reservoir a good 10.4 miles on a very moody moor with sunshine and showers, it was good to walk with Martin as we used to run an Expedition Group at the Local college, Martin was very fit !!

                         Open North Moor

                                    View West from Sourton
                                     Meldon Res

                                      View towards HIgh Willhayes and Yes Tor

Saturday I was up early for a run and put on my new trainers, they felt very plush and given my problems lately with Tendonitus and Plantar Faciliwhats it!! I thought it would help and I think it did I felt very comfortable 5.1 miles.

Sunday was a cycling day with an early morning ride of 26 miles over the levels, this was before driving over to Highbridge to look at a campervan/motorhome , an Autosleeper Lancashire, very nice vehicle, but! Too big for us so no new van, we finished the day with a 99 ice cream in the park at Burnham on Sea before the heavens opened.

Monday the weather was looking good, and Mrs Ian B was busy, I wanted to see if my fitness would be good enough for the Jurassic 10 k on the coast at West Bay, so I was running by 8:30 heading up the hill out of West Bay feeling ok, walking up Thorncombe Beacon, but a fast run back down again! 5.2 miles in just over the hour, I felt OK and decided when I got home to enter the race next Sunday, so watch this space!!

                      Thorncombe Beacon looking west towards Golden Cap and Lyme Regis

So overall a good week despite the appalling weather , I have not worn shorts since returning from France  two weeks ago, the weather this morning the rain is hammering on the window, so no Wobble ride again today!!.

My plan for the rest of the week is to run the Jurassic route tomorrow, then cycle Friday, rest Saturday and race on Sunday.

92 miles cycled and 24 miles run