Wednesday, 24 February 2016

This week so far

Wednesday 24th February 

Monday 10.2 miles around town in 1hr 38 mins 9.41 pace, pleasant sunshine afternoon run.

Tuesday hard spin session down the gym.

Wednesday 11.13 miles on my Seaton to Fountains Head Inn run, glorious day, but freezing cold especially on Beer head just over 2 hrs!  no Kettlebells tonight I have decided to give it a rest for a couple of weeks, it seems to aggravate my Ham string and an old broken wrist injury from my teens!!!

Thursday Bikeability at Somerton followed by spin session in the evening

Friday rest day

Saturday will be a short [3-4 miles]  slow run 

Sunday I hope to get a 15 mile run on the Quantocks, weather permitting as it might yet snow  on Friday!!!

I still need to get the miles in though as my longest run is still only 12.1 miles, thats only just over 2 hours,  I need to know I can at least run for 4-5 hours. 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Good weather and bad weather

Friday 19th February 2016
It seems to yo yo between one good day and one bad weather day at the moment. After a splendid run on Monday down the coast, and a good day clearing out some of the garden on Tuesday, Wednesday dawned very, very wet and windy, not good for the tree surgeon I had coming to trim a couple of trees and cut down another! In the end the weather was so wet that they gave up at lunch time being very wet, at least they managed to trim back my oak a little, back next week to do more.
Thursday in contrast was another cracking start to the day, a little frost, but clear blue skies and sunshine. I decided I needed a bike ride as my arms and legs were still aching from the kettlebells session on Wednesday night, I really struggled in the session, swapping my 5kg weight back to 4kg!
I went round a known route over the levels, I thought I would see how the Muchelney road had been affected by the flooding seeing as it cost millions to put in! the fields either side showed signs of ots of water and crossing the bridge the water was very high, but the road was clear, it did say on the radio the other road to Langport was shut, but I didn’t check!
This is a lovely ride I covered 39 miles and through some of the nicest sounding village names you could come across – Kingsbury Episcopi, Thorney Lakes, Muchelney, Drayton, Hambridge [no Archer connection] Curry Mallet, Beer Crocombe, Crock Street. There was little or no wind and I did stop at Muchelney bridge for a snack.
I also did a 6.1 mile run in the afternoon, I thought running on tired legs would help my endurance!!! So a hard day, hence no spinning on Thursday last week, I don’t know if helped my endurance!!!!
I have decided to give Kettle bells a miss for a couple of weeks, it does seem to irritate my Ham string and an old broken wrist injury from a few years ago.
Monday 22nd Feb saw me on my 10 mile run, good time of 9.41 mile pace my best time is 9.38 so not to different I did feel comfortable today, the  weather was good, a little chilly, I did take a drink, but the roads were cleaner today!!!!
Should get out Wednesday for a long off road run, can’t decide between coast or Quantocks, as I havnt been to the Quantocks for ages, I could do a good 15 mile off road, weather forecast is good.

Somerton Bikeability on Thursday and Friday so not much chance for a longer run.

Monday, 15 February 2016

A new boiler, a first 20 minute run, a cycle ride and a better run!

Monday 15th February 2016

After my Thursday sessions, which I found hard, Friday was to be a rest day, also the plumbers would be here to fit our new boiler. They promptly arrived at 8:15, two very pleasant young men and quickly surveyed their job and got to work, Mrs IanB supplying them with a mug of tea! They were efficient in their work and made sure all areas were covered to avoid mess, they didn’t have to turn the water off either! Which was a bonus, meaning we could use the loo and top up the kettle. By mid afternoon they were packing up, new boiler working well and our new remote control seemingly efficient to control the system. So my only trip out was to the local bike shop for a chat with Andy [the owner] about retro bike stuff and to pick up some more gels.

Saturday dawned very wet and cold, but we decided we needed a trip out, so Sidmouth was our target and hopefully the White Horse café would have reopened after a refurbishment. We parked easily at the road side for a change, and walked down to the front. It was a very cold lazy wind [goes through you rather than round!] there were signs of rough weather with shingle all along the seafront, the sea looked very cold and was very brown as the red sandstone clearly being washed from the local cliffs, it was also high tide, so care taken as we walked along. It was nice to get into the shelter of the town, particularly as I had forgotten my gloves [schoolboy error]. Lunch in the Whitehorse, to its usual standard and a I managed to pick up a nice Merino base layer [used to be called vests] from Mountainwearhouse for £15 reduced from £40++.

As the weather improved in the afternoon, staying very cold but with less rain I decided I needed to get out and run. I layered up and set out up Snowden hill once again, the lanes were very wet and muddy, made worse with the local hunt followers in their 4x4 etc. it started to rain half way round, only a short shower. 9 miles covered and I must admit felt much better today, less tired, more energy in my legs etc.

Sunday saw me accompanying my daughter on her first 20minute run as part of her C5K, a really splendid effort saw achieve her goal, so well done to her, I am very proud of her achievement. The weather on Sunday was much better, but very cold, more of a spring day, as nothing was planned for the rest of the day a cycle ride was a possibility after lunch. I dug out my cycling kit made sure my tyres were pumped, and I was well layered against the cold, according to my Garmin it was only 3 degrees centigrade, 31 miles covered around the lanes of North Curry, lots of big puddles, lots of muddy roads and many more pot holes appearing as the winter progresses. A view from near North Curry showed the levels flooded once more. A good ride, my first for a couple of weeks the temperature dropping to nearer 2 degrees by the time I got home.

So a successful couple of days, I seem to have regained some energy, my calf muscle pulls a little so wearing a support bandage, Hamstring only vaguely irritating sometimes and my niggly knee stays as a niggle [ all sound worse than they are, none really causing me real issues, the calf is the worst] My plan for this morning is to do the Seaton - Fountain Inn route along the coast, the temperature at the moment [ 6:30 am] is 0.7 degrees!! So quite cold but a brilliant day forecast. I also have company today the other BLRCC member from up the lane, Rachel, it will be nice to have company, we both need the miles for the Grizzly, now a month away.

UPDATE: Tuesday 16th February

Monday dawned very cold with the temperature showing 0.8 degrees C. I went out early to clear the van screen and warm it up ready for a trip down to Seaton to run the coast once again, 12 miles planned with Rachel from up the lane.
We got to Seaton safely, roads were icy and at one point we were flagged down as a car had hit ice and parked in the hedge!!
The sea front at Seaton was bright and sunny with a chilly wind, a few people about and as we were to see later quite busy around Branscombe,clearly half term bringing people out.
We set off at a good pace layered up against the cold, the first pull out of Seaton over to Seaton Hole telling on our calf muscles and both our thoughts being ‘this is hard’ so it took a couple of miles to warm up. As we climbed to Beer Head the frost had firmed up the mud, but as we saw later when it melted it was difficult. It was a good run over the top and the descent down Seaside we took carefully as Rachel only had road trainers with no grip in the gloopy mud.
At Branscombe mouth I took a few pieces of a ZipVIT energy bar – banana flavoured and a swig of drink. It was then the pull up from Branscombe, the views were stunning under the clear blue skies and the climb up from the Fountains Head Inn was again very muddy and difficult to grip on the steep ascent. We were soon joining the beach, time for another snack, we ran the length of the beach, which had people on it!! Something I had never seen before, half term escapees! The climb up the stairway to heaven was as hard as ever, but I still felt ok. Rachel had managed to stay upright so far but the descent from Beer Head had her on her bottom! Not managing to control and grip on the now defrosted mud, so a muddy leg was the result, but no injury.

We hit the road into Seaton and ran to the seafront, running the length before returning to the van to ensure we made the 12 miles infact it was 12.04 miles!!! In 2 hours 45 mins. I felt ok, legs a bit achy, but felt I could have gone further if I needed too. Coffee followed with one of MrsIanBs Almond Macroons J a fitting finish to a great run in fantastic weather, and once again I felt a little more confident that I might complete the 20 mile Grizzly.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Hard couple of runs

Friday 12th February 2016

I went for a 7.4 mile run yesterday afternoon after my stint hearing children read at the school. It was a hard 7 miles I intended to do more, but my legs seem to ache and had no power, I think I suffer the day after my kettlebells session, having said that I then went to Spinning!!! tired legs again.
Weather been better this week, after last weekends storms, my two days Bikeability in Ilchester were nice weather, but cold. So after a 6 mile run on Sunday and my 7 miles yesterday I need to up the mileage!! half term next week so should get out a couple of longer runs.
Haven't managed to pick up my new retro bike yet, perhaps this weekend? but still very few miles cycling anyway, most roads around here are very wet and muddy where tractors have been down and broken away the banks, so cycling means a very dirty bike, very quickly!!!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Hard run and a new bike!

Thursday 4th February 2016

A 12 mile run down along the coast again at Seaton this morning was hard, with nearly 2000ft of climbing, the weather was reasonable after some early drizzle, 2.5 hrs, not fast but getting time on my feet and the miles building up. I also managed a spin session tonight which I struggled at times with tired legs, still managing to hit 80% + at times. So a hard days training today over 2000 calories burnt!!!! I also did a hard Kettlebells session the night before so Friday a definite rest day.
I also increased my stable of bikes by 1 with the purchase of a Retro bike the intention being to ride the 'Eroica Britanica' in June, the 50 miler that is.My son is intending to ride the 100 mile again for the National Trust.  The bike is a 1982-4ish Gazelle, 'Trophy Trim' in a nice blue colour with a full Shimano Golden Arrow group set. I will have to look at the gearing to reduce the size so I can get up the hills. The frame is main tubes Reynolds 531 - looks a nice bike for its age. I bought it from these people who specialize in retro bikes

Having bought the new bike [delivered next Wednesday] I do need to get out and cycle,as there are a few Audax events coming up, 2 days Bikeability this week got me out doing about 10 miles total and of course spinning twice,but the weather [for me] has not been cycling weather with wind and rain most days. My priority has been to get running miles in 22.5 miles this week so far including my 10. 2  mile run round the lanes on Monday.