Friday, 17 January 2014

January 17th

5 mile run this morning, well more of a jog really as it took me 1hr and 4 mins!
A nice off road run in the sunshine over Neroche castle to Staple Hill car park and back, quite muddy/wet in places, but to be expected with all the rain we are having. A slow jog more than a run, a slight dull ache in the left shin, but not sure if that was me being over sensitive, will try for another run early next week, sadly it will be on the road due to work commitments. I hope this won’t undo any repairs that have taken place. Feel quite positive, but looking at last year’s mileage I ran 79 miles in January and cycled 207 mile, this year so far I have run 10 miles and cycled 98miles so got some work to do for end of March!!
Review: Wore my new Christmas pressy 'Asics Fuji Trail winter top' today nice bright colour in the sunshine, good to use thumb loops instead of gloves, comfortable material, with the 'wind proofish' front keeping the breeze at bay, according to 'blurb' its also supposed to be shower resistant, didn't use the pockets as I was using a 'bum bag' but handy and a good size for gels, gloves etc. High neck zip was good, cosy to start with and then nice to vent as I got warmer. Nice fit for a medium. So really pleased with it, already had a short sleeve which I really like.

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