Sunday, 26 January 2014

January 21st  - January 26th 2014

Quite a good week with 4 days of Bikeability at 2 schools  2 cycle rides and 2 runs.Wednesday was my only day off this week, as it happened it was also one of the best days weather wise, as is usual on any day off a good walk down at the coast and a coffee, that is real coffee, made at home and using our Bodum insulated mugs in the van is always welcome, this time we managed to combine it with the weekly shop at Tesco at Seaton, lovely sunny morning with the waves crashing on the shingle beach making that lovely rushing sound each time it rolled back to meet the incoming waves.

Looking East down Seaton sea front [Jan 22nd]

Looking West towards Beer Head [Jan 22nd]

West and Beer Head [Jan 22nd]

Lunch was followed by a pleasant cycle ride out through Winsham , Drimpton, Broadwinsdor  climbing over Pilsdon Pen , roads were very wet but no floods, particularly Winsham where there was 2 feet of water flooding over from the River Axe on the previous week.  The climb over Pilsdon was quite with little traffic, views over Lewsdon hill and north towards Windwhistle hill were good, but! I was hit with a squally shower moving through Marshwod Vale as I crested the ‘col’  of Pilsdon, a quick stop at the top for water and a photo before descending at great speed down to Birsdsmoorgate, gutters were full of water with lots of debris in the road, horrible sounds from brake blocks on aluminium rims. A good view over Marshwood Vale with the sea in the distance to the left of Golden Cap, the highest peak on the South coast.

Climbing towards Pilsdon Pen the flat topped hill fort in the distance[ Jan 22nd]

A squally shower moves down Marshwood Vale, with sunshine following [ Jan 22nd]

A glimpse of the sea in the distance from Birdsmoorgate [Jan 22nd]

Back over Thorncombe and down past Forde Abbey, the road, fence  and surrounding fields past the Creamery at Chard Junction showed signs on extensive flooding that had now subsided.

An enjoyable ride home in pleasant winter sunshine, mild temperatures of 10 -12 degrees !! helping,  22.5 miles.

I managed another road run, be it a short 2.5 miles on Thursday evening, neoprene support in place and ice and massage when I got back. Still unsure how much ‘repair’ has taken place, as there was the dull ache as before. BUT! I am determined to build up slowly will increase the mileage to 4 miles next week, I will try to get in another off road run next week as I am only working 2 days.

Booked a few days in the Lake District in March before the ExAx run so will get a few hill walks in that should help [that’s walking not running, but it will be on big hills].

Saturday, another quick cycle ride over Winsham, as the roads around the levels are a little ‘wet’ , the ride was  shortened as black clouds loomed in the west and not wanting a soaking , turned off at Maudlin Cross to drop down to Forde Abbey and the Creamery. I managed to get back just as the first rain spots came, 13.5 miles at 13.5mph average, 1240 ft climbed.

Sunday forecast  was for ‘Armageddon weather’ again with gales and heavy rain, should be clear by lunch time, didn’t seem too bad, just a little heavy rain for a short time, don’t think the Met office know what really, just guess using their seaweed!!!
Logged on to the '' website today to try and keep track of eating and fitness, I need to lose the 6 pounds put on over Christmas. Seems quite good easy to use and really tests your honesty in what you really are eating and drinking! will see how it goes!!

Also squeezed in a 26.4 mile cycle ride with Mike in the afternoon, roads were very wet! down through Pudleigh, Crock street[which was officially closed, so we had to walk through the road works] through Horton, where we had a 'wetting' though it moved through quickly, on through Hatch Beauchamp, out towards, Curry Mallet and Fivehead [nice names for villages] much more water around here and the turn towards Isle Abbots crossing the Fivehead river had us cycling for 200 yards through flood water, fortunately below bottom bracket height, Ilton aerodrome windsock showed us we had a head wind back to Broadway and back over Crock street. a really nice ride, not too wet, but windy.
Now looking forward to a run tomorrow, off road at Neroche, particularly as Tim [my son] sent a text telling me he had run from Stroud to Churchdown along the Cotswold way 30 km in 4 hrs!!! I think I need to get training, as he is suggesting a repeat run on the 14th Feb with me in tow!

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