Thursday, 2 January 2014

January 1st 2014

My first Blog! Why! Its January the 1st and seems like a good idea to get things down in a diary. Set a couple of challenges and then use the Blog to make sure I complete them.

Thinking about what I did and didn’t do last year I cycled approximately 500 miles less that 2012 [3000] and ran 110 miles less [600] and didn’t get away to the Lakes or Wales for my mountain fix as much as I had hoped, but I did several new Fell runs which were great, the 5 tors on Bodmin Moor in April was good, freezing cold but a smashing route and the Minehead ‘stumble’ a good run over Exmoor, must try the ‘Stagger’  this year up to Dunkery Beacon and finally the ‘Dorset 3 Peaks’ or better known as the ‘Stickler’ a good 10 mile outing over 3 very large hills. Cycling wise, haven’t spent enough time on my mountain bike, insufficient visits to Exmoor or the Quantocks, but a good day out on the hottest day of the year on the ‘Verderers’ trail in the FOD. Road cycling  only rode 2 Audaxes  and they were both in the New Forest.

But! As they say look forward not back, difficult as I sit here with a pain in my left shin! That’s stopped me running for the last few weeks, never had before but came on in my training for the 10 mile Rough and Tumble in January, I think it will be a DNS, shame as I was going well. As I didn’t manage to get in the Grizzly Cub run this year I was hoping to make the Exe to Axe at the end of march and 20 mile slog along the south coast several big climbs, will see how the ‘shins’ go over the next couple of weeks before committing to entering.

Now Christmas and New year are over, its time to think about how I will move the 5 pounds I have put on over the festive period – lots of cycling miles me thinks, as running is out of the question. Mind the weather today has been atrocious with wind and rain and looks set to continue for several more days yet – at least we are not snowed in or roads heavily iced up. I have several Bikeability courses at schools  to do in January so hope the weather is not too extreme, children may not notice the cold but I do!

Also need to plan the summer with the Campervan, where will we go this year? A trip down the westcoast  of France down past Caucasson to the Med and perhaps back up via the Alps 1000 miles +. But hopefully a start to the campervan season might be the lakes in March.

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