Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Splendid weather

29th September 2015

I set off for a run around town this morning, the weather was stunning, clear blue sky's and a warm sunshine even at 9.0 am! Running around the lanes was a pleasure, I managed 8.18 miles at a pace of 9.20 mins per mile, which I thought good, and probably one of my best times around town, it seemed to go easy this morning, a little pulling on my calf but ok, hopefully if I can get to spinning later that might help.
Yesterday, another warm sunny day saw me around my favourite route around Athelney, 40 miles clocked up, really pleasant ride.
Sunday I was locking my car in Lyhdeard Hill car park at just after 6:30 am and was away jogging towards the sunrise ( it was still quite dark when I set off) a cracking morning, the views across the Quantocks were beautiful, especially as I was the only person around.
I climbed Wills Neck to see the sun poking over the hillside, a deep red, casting long shadows. I descended down to Triscombe and into the wooded track to Crowcombe, the sun dappling through the trees, still with a read glow.
After Deadwomans and Halsway post, I turned along the ridge to add extra miles to last weeks run, I ran up the hillside for a mile and bit before returning back to my last weeks route back to the car, I felt guilty as at times I disturbed groups of sheep lying on dry grass in the sun, moving on as I got to them.
A good 12+ miles covered in a good time, no injuries!! Only fuel was ISO and 6 marzipan balls (10gram)
Last week saw a good week, only one cycle ride of 32 miles but 3 runs of 7 miles and  a spinning session., not bad as it was all combined with a two day Bikeability course in the middle.
I have ordered some 'Tailwind' energy drink, as many runners seem to rate it instead of gels etc, so
will give them a go.
Weather is set good for the rest of the week, nearly had to go and help out with Twins today as poor George was suffering a sniffly nose not helping him with breathing, hence a hospital trip, in the end they discharged so not needed after all.
Look forward to seeing them all again and getting out in this lovely weather.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Quantocks, twins and a good week

Monday 21st September 2015

 A great day in Gloucester with our new grandsons and the granddaughter, a pleasant lunch followed by a lovely walk in beautiful warm sunny weather to Barnwood Arboretum. The trees are now starting to show the autumn with conkers on the ground and yellowing of leaves, it also shows with the traffic on the M5, which has reduced considerably.

I decided I needed to get a longer run in, but not wanting to spend the time running round the roads of the town I voted for the Quantocks, which is where I did my training for the Ex to Ax and seemed to fit quite well, some ups, some downs with a good ‘forgiving surface’ along with great views.

I was up at 5:30 after preparing my kit the night before, some marzipan balls, hat, gloves, windproof, phone etc. all into the bum bag along with 500ml of ISO star, a change of clothes and towel and I was ready to get up and go, after a breakfast of muesli and banana.

I was out of the door by 6:15 and the road to Taunton was very quiet but a thick mist hung around and quite dense in places that was until I started to climb out of Taunton through Kingston St Mary arriving at Lydeard Hill car park at 6:45 to glorious sunshine with a sea of mist in the valleys, it was like standing on an island.

I was surprised to see several cars there already, a Shimano service vehicle was there with occupants sleeping in the back!! And several others, I assume dog walkers.
From Lydeard Hill car park sea of mist West
East peaks poking above the mist
Track around Lydeard Hill 7:00 am

 Video on my phone  [doesn't seem to work on ipad?]
I kitted up and set my watch, Paramo vest, Ron Hill 3/4 tights, PHD merino wool socks [brilliant socks] and my Salamon Fell Raiser shoes. Just as I was leaving the car park [at 7:00 am]  another van drew up, unloading 3 very boisterous dogs, a young lad ready for MTBing and dad dressed to run. No time to chat as I headed of on my usual route round Lydyeard hill in glorious sunshine, and as I got towards the edge of the Quantocks the valleys were covered in a sea of mist, to good an opportunity not to take a photo [more of this later!!!!!] I ran around and through the woods I think called Bagborough plantation and on up Wills Neck [386 mts] I felt ok and made good time on the climb.
Wills Neck in the distance
 A quick video of the surrounding country side [cant upload it though!!]and a few photos and off down the other side to Triscombe Stone, it’s a pleasant undulating run from here along to Crowcombe park gate, the sunshine dappling through the trees, no other people about despite the parked cars. It was also good underfoot with little mud. I made a good pace along the Drove to CPG before turning uphill once more across the fields climbing parallel to the road to Dead Womans Ditch,[314 mts]  about 4.5 miles covered, I had 3 of my marzipan balls and a slurp of ISO drink to stave off energy loss later!!!!
Sunshine on the Drove

I crossed the road and headed past Robin Uprights Hill and followed a main track over to Halsway Post. The temperature was just right for running, the grass was very wet with early morning dew, it must have been chilly up here last night, sadly I didn’t see any deer this morning, you can sometimes surprise them early in the morning especially on this stretch before they escape down the Combes.
Selfie near Dead Womans Ditch

I was still feeling good when I got to Halsway Post which has great views over towards Exmoor as opposed to where I had come from which looks over Hinckly point but also towards Glastonbury Tor. Another slurp, few photos and off again, approximately 6 miles covered, not at a great time but, I had stopped several times for photo opportunities.
Halsway Post away from the sun and into the sun

A climb over the style before ascending Hurley Beacon  and over to the summit trig point above Crowcombe Park Gate at 358 mts.
Trig point above Crowcombe Park Gate, horses grazing in the morning sunshine
 No cars in the park here, but a lovely run down the hill to cross the road and start on my return run back towards Wills Neck etc. My legs felt ok, no hamstring problems, no calf issues feeling quite good, breathing ok and the HRM seemed to be hovering around the 130 mark [my max at the finish was on 154 and average of 132] so felt this was good, I was trying to keep it down but! At the same time put in the effort. I hit the climb back up to Wills neck and disturbed some ponies as I headed towards the summit,

Wills Neck looking towards Minehead

Wills Neck looking towards Hinckly Point[the square blocks in the distance]

 I say disturbed, but the completely ignored me! Wills Neck for the second time before a nice run down through the woods before the run back around Lydeard Hill. It’s usually at the Lydeard hill point I am starting to get very tired [9 mile mark] but today I felt good and ran quite happily back to the car park, I think I had only seen one person actually out on the hill, during my 2 hour run. The cp was quite busy now but no people, the Shimano gang were cooking up breakfast with bacon smells drifting my way. The sun still shone and was a glorious morning. The MTB lad, dogs and running dad arrived back just after I finished, I had no idea where they had been. I changed my top, had Nature Valley peanut protein bar, some more water before driving off home.

As I got towards Taunton I had the horrid feeling that I may have lost my credit card whilst out on the hill!!!! I put the card with my phone and when I took my phone out must have pulled the card out. Sharp braking and pulled over to check! Nope! No sign of the card. It was too late to go back and it could have been anywhere across the Quantocks, so a quick drive home to report my card lost, feeling a complete ‘plonker’ I only took it in case I needed fuel, it’s a good job I didn’t! I have learnt a lesson, do not put your card in with your phone!!!

The rest of the day the weather stayed warm and sunny, enabling tea drinking outside, a little light garden work and walk to B&Q for weedkiller for the paths.

So it was a nice finish to a great week with 18 miles covered running in the week [3 runs], two spinning sessions and a couple of cycle rides mounting to 92 miles cycled plus of course the 10.32 miles on the Quantocks yesterday. I did try running and following this with my spinning session, I am sure it did some good with the spin session taking away the soreness/stiffness of running, and I am sure it must be helping with endurance.

The weather has changed once more, with this morning being wet and cold, still that’s autumn!

With a Bikeability course on Wednesday and Thursday this week I hope it all clears.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Grizzly place confirmed and the new twins

Wednesday 16th September

The weather has turned decidedly Autumnal being  wet and windy, the trees now changing colour, particularly over the Blackdown Hills, the beech hedging turning.
We came back from spending a couple of days with our new grandson twins, both doing really well, as are grand daughter and mum and dad. Its lovely to see two identical faces looking back at you when they are laying together on their play mat. 

I had the Grizzly place confirmed on Monday, so lots of training required for next March as its 20 mile of tough running, 10 miles further than the Cub run of previous years, a good way to celebrate my 65th birthday, its also good that Rachael up the lane has also had a place confirmed – but! We both have to get round the Herepath Half at the end of October.

Last week I had a good week with two runs of 7 miles [ total 15 miles]and 90 miles [in two rides] on my bike as well as two spinning sessions. I now have to up the mileage to meet the half marathon distance, I find this difficult running locally round the roads, as road running is quite boring and it seems to be hard on my calf muscle and hamstrings, I would sooner get out across the Quantocks off road and I know I can get a good 10 miles in easily. My pace seems quite good [for me just over 9 minute mile] in training, I don’t seem to have any issues with injury [niggles as usual] I am hoping very regular short runs combined with cycling reduces the risk of injury.

I have lost another couple of pounds so now down to 11.5 stone, which was my target. ‘My fitness pal’ app seems to be good at making me stick to healthier eating.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Historic couple of weeks

Thursday 10th September

The past week has been fabulous weather, warm and dry, but! With a tinge of Autumn in the air in the evenings.
It has also been a historic week for our family as we celebrated the arrival on September the 2nd of beautiful identical twin boys to my son Tim and his wife, all is well and after several days with them and the grand daughter we came home to leave them to enjoy family life. The boys were a healthy weight at 5.5lbs and seem to be coping well in their new world.

The Herepath Half seems to be getting closer and I have also entered the Minehead Stumble, an 7 mile multi terrain run over the Minehead hills, done it twice before, a really nice event. The run is a week before the HPH so should be good training.
Just about managing to keep up with getting out to run and cycle, the 75 mile cycle with Blackmore Vale CTC from Yeovil to Compton Abbas with lunch at the airfield, over the Dorset hills, a lovely day out through some beautiful countryside. Otherwise 40 + miles around the levels, usually at a good pace averaging 15 mph.
Running, I have raised the mileage to 7.65 miles with what for me is a good pace of 9.21 minutes a mile, I now have to increase this to meet the 14 miles needed for the half marathon, I am trying to get out three times a week, my target was 100 mile cycle and 20 mile run, but the twins arrival saw me reduce this! Spinning carries on, important now the evenings are drawing in, still hard work and I always come home, very tired!! My hamstring tendonitis still nags, giving me a pain in the bum! And its strange how all the other niggles are never far from the surface, niggly knee, shin splints and my calf muscle, I just need to keep an eye on them as I increase my mileage.
August was a good month with 67 miles run and 391 miles cycled bringing my totals for the year of 290 run and 2532 cycled.
Meanwhile we hope to enjoy our new grandchildren William and George, I just hope I can tell the difference!!!!

No trips out in the Campervan lately, this time last year we were in Norfolk, maybe we will get time before the winter really begins to escape for a few days.