Friday, 3 January 2014

January 2nd

Today’s weather was a distinct change from yesterday’s stormy weather, very wet and very windy. Nice bright sunny start to the day and quite mild at 9 degrees, a morning trip down to  Lyme Regis a walk down through town and out along the Cobb, still quite busy with families after the festive break. Very warm in the sunshine, and the sea wasn't too rough, although there were a couple on surfboards, I don’t think the waves were anything to surf, I think it was more for posing to the few people  watching!

Yeh! First cycle ride of the year, only an afternoon 25 mile road ride around the lanes of South Somerset. Started off under a big blue sky, but clouds gathered from the west as the afternoon went on ready for the evening/overnight storm that was forecast, the roads  showed signs of wear from all the rain, potholes starting to get bigger, lots of debris on the roads with  lots of big puddles and a few flooded roads that took ‘half pedaling’ to stop getting wet feet! But, my mate Mike didn't quite make it without wet feet! Several horse riders out, a twitchy pony at one point had us pinned against the hedge, until its rider managed to get it under control, the cheek of it was, the dog accompanying started having a good old bark at us, things you meet down country lanes, but no harm done to man or beast!!. The ride finished with the appearance of rain drops on my glasses, the start of another very wet and windy night – the Sunday ride is not looking promising, but you never know it might not be as bad as forecast – stay positive.

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