Wednesday, 8 January 2014

January 3rd - 8th

Weather continues to be diabolical! but have managed 1 cycle ride and 1 run [first one of 2014] since last my last posting.

Cycle ride was an in between storms ride out over  Pilsdon Pen, however on getting to the railway bridge below Winsham it was clear I wasn’t going to complete my ride, the marker showed 2 feet of water running with a heavy current across the road , after watching 2 land rovers through it, that had ‘snorkel exhausts’ I decided that I would need a snorkel and flippers so returned back up the hill into Winsham to try the Ammerham road down to Forde Abbey, sadly this was also knee deep plus, so retracted yet again to  go past Leigh house and White gates, somewhat dryer, but never the less gutters full of running water – only 12 miles covered , but at least I got out.

After no Sunday morning cycle due once again to gales and heavy rain, I decided on Tuesday to cycle and perhaps get to Langport to meet the CTC at the Riverside cafe , but after reports on the local radio of flooded roads, I was unsure where I could go that wouldn’t  entail me riding through floodwater, particularly as Muchelney was now an island and the news said Langport was in imminent danger of flooding. The alternative was to give running a go! Not sure how my shin splints would react. I geared up with my neoprene support and headed for Neroche woods, good trails that don’t seem to get too muddy. I set off at a steady jog, very windy but no rain and surprisingly warm – down the steep hill from Neroche fort and out along the trail to Staple hill a really pleasant run, met a few well behaved dogs and their owners taking advantage of the break in the weather, a dull ache from my shin, but nothing to cause me worry. I managed the hill from Mt Fancy farm at a very slow jog before returning the same route back to Neroche – 4.97 miles, very pleased, time was irrelevant, really nice to get out on the hills again, my shin was a little achy but I felt it went ok. Not sure if support helped, better safe than sorry. Now looking forward to a run early next week, off road again, think I am on the mend J so hopeful to enter the Exe to Axe after all. If I can continue to cycle as well it might take the pressure off a little.

Trip down to Seaton this morning before some work on the computer this afternoon,   to look at the damage caused by the storms, gives the van a run out and a chance for a coffee overlooking the sea. Surprising very little damage, stones on the prom but none in the road. A nice walk before driving back in the rain! Noticed the van is getting a little green in places from standing on the drive, will have to get my big brush out !


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