Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Good run

Wednesday 1st Octtober

We start October with the weather still being fantastic, very warm and dry.
A morning with year 2 at school reading the adventures of Biff, Chip And Kipper with the 'magic key' a quick visit to a local school at lunchtime to sort Bikeability  times then home for a sandwich.
A couple of home chores, fixing the security light, painting the inside of the wardrobe and then I decided I needed to get running! 
Shorts and tee once again and a quick drive to Neroche castle ( a hill fort) I decided to give myself a hill session by running up, down and round the castle. I was the only car in the car park, but made sure the car was completely empty, to avoid another break in. Autumn still not quite showing itself on the Blackdowns, trees still not changing to their beautiful rusty colours, particularly the Beech trees, I hope to be able to post pictures when it arrives.
Down the 'stairway to heaven' and through the forest before a half mile climb back up to the top of the fort. Down the 'herepath' and back up the 'stairway'. I did 2 circuits of this route  4.16 miles and 701ft of climbing. I felt ok with HRM showing 170 a couple of times but still only average of 150. Clearly I didn't try hard enough. It was a good run, enjoyed the effort and managed to run all the hills including two runs up the 'stairway'
I also used my new Speedcross 3s that I got as replacements, very comfortable, I do like these shoes,shame about their durability, perhaps I will use them as 'race shoes' ( sniggers at the thought of race shoes!!)
A good start this week with a long cycle, two runs before Thursday!! I hope I can keep it up, next run Friday and two Bikeability days inbetween so lots of exercise. If I can do a similar pattern next week the 'stumble' run looks a bit more of a possibility in 3 weeks.

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