Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn arrives – decorating, running and a day with our grand daughter

Sunday 11th October

This week has seen autumn arrive, high winds and very heavy showers most days Thursday was a complete write off with very heavy rain all day. With no Bikeability this week it was an opportunity to catch up with some decorating and hopefully some cycling and running.
Ten fence panels finally arrived on Thursday, after a  couple of months wait, last winters storms took their toll on peoples fencing – now I have to fit them, good strength training!!

Tuesday saw me down on the coast [see previous post] for a 6mile run in the sunshine before the real change in the weather.
Wednesday After a day exercising my arms with a paintbrush I managed to get out in the late evening for a run around town, trying to up my speed I managed to complete my 3.86 miles at a 9.17 pace. An enjoyable run, my calf strapped up, but I could still feel it pulling.
Friday saw me with the paintbrush again, second coat of silk emulsion!! The day started with bright sunshine, with showers forecast later, so Neroche was my target before lunch to try a few hills. The trail was quite muddy in places and I had to skip through and round some very damp areas. 4 circuits of Neroche hill fort with 3 climbs of the ‘stair way to heaven’ a hard run that gave me 6 miles and 950ft of climbing, the weather stayed good and whilst there were lots of fallen leaves from the overnight storms there was still little change in colour of the Beech trees. My calf seemed ok whilst strapped up.
It’s only a week to the Exmoor Stumble, I will decide later in next week whether I will start, feeling OK, but calf is still not right.
Saturday was a day out at Darts Farm at Topsham and Exmouth, the heavy showers held at bay by brilliant blue skies and still warm October sunshine, and there were many visitors and dog walkers enjoying the atmosphere. Lunch in the van, be it from Gregg’s. Now summer is over, days out in the van are planned rather than overnights. Although at least one weekend away before the end of November, at least it makes the winters shorter.
Sunday a visit from grand daughter gave us an excuse for a morning down in Lyme Regis, even though the sky was very overcast there was no rain forecast. After coffee, teacakes and a ‘Fruit Shoot’ in the café on the front, a good time was had on the beach and stone throwing into the sea. A meeting with a couple of  old work colleagues on the Cobb was a nice surprise, especially as I had not seen one of them for eleven years!! A chocolate ice cream cone for GD ensured her coat and face were suitably coated in Brown ice creamJ, nothing that can’t be washed out, she did enjoy it!

After waving goodbye later in the afternoon, I forced myself out of the door for a run, before the bad weather came in. Round town, managing 5.54 miles with a pace of 8.43, a good run before tea!!! 

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