Saturday, 4 October 2014

End of the week

Saturday October 4th

Two great days of Bikeability, with hot sunshine, still in shorts and tee!
Last night went for a run around town clocking up 3.84 miles at a reasonable pace, but! My right calf muscle seems to have developed a pain :-( just when things were going well, I have put ibuprofen gel on it, used ice and put a bandage sleeve on, this seems to relieve a little, but still hurts when I walk. Can't understand it, jogged slow to start, and didn't really pick up a pace till well into the run, I've got 2 weeks to sort before the Stumble event.
Autumn started overnight with heavy rain, wind and a drop in temperature. Fortunately it all cleared by lunchtime to give a bright sunny afternoon, if a little windy. I decided it might help my calf if a did a short cycle ride. I geared up this time with long tights, and long sleeve jersey. I headed out over Broadway, Hatch Beachamp before descending down the steep Rock Hill before climbing uptodate North Curry. A rolling road took me to Stathe where I turned right to cycle along the side of he River Parrott to Langport. My usual route through Muchelney to Drayton was closed so they could raise the road by a metre and half!!!! To help stop Muchelney being cut off in times of flood ( Muchelney has been an island since time began!!) so a very expensive bit of work for very few very well off people!
I went on through Kingsbury Episcopi, climbing steeply out of Seavington St Michael and the descending down to Dowlish Ford. I decided to go via Cricket Malherbie, a lovely little Somerset village with a fabulous church and great views towards Glastonbury. A long descent down through Chaffcombe before a short ride home.
It was a lovely ride 43 miles covered at 13.5 mph average! Even though I 'dawdled' fabulous start to Autumn weather
Trees are now changing, fields are empty and ploughed ready for spring, that is those that are not being cleared of maize, the lanes around are busy with monster tractors and trailers taking it back to the farms, very dangerous as there is little room in the lanes not to mention long lines  of vehicles behind them.
Sunday should see me mountain biking on the Quantocks, checked my MTB earlier to discover a flat rear tyre! should be a good day out in the fresh Autumn air, but muddy after todays rain.

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