Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A morning run along the coast

Tuesday October 7th

A run from Beer Head through Branscombe and back - 7 miles 1200ft of climbing

 Sidmouth and beyond from above Branscombe

 Looking down on Branscombe before the descent, you can just see the climb out the other side

My Van in the sunshine on Beer Head after my run [mug of coffee in my hand that you cant see!!]

It was a lovely morning out, very peaceful and quiet, the trails were just right, damp but not too muddy. The climbs didn't get any easier and the  'stairway to heaven' was just as hard[see previous posts around May time for explanation].
My calf did pull a little so stopped and put on a bandage, this made a difference.

I read the 'old running fox blog' 'run for your life' before I went out, incredible running 26 miles last week and doing interval training at 82!! no haven't  got my figures the wrong way round! I hope I am able to keep running when I am his age, respect to him!

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