Monday, 29 September 2014

A quiet week

Monday 29th September

Last week was a write off for any outdoors stuff, my nasty cold saw to that and with 3 days Road Safety keeping me busy.

BUT! come the weekend .............

After a great Saturday with our grand daughter, sons and their families, down in Wimborne on a gloriously warm September day. Sunday I decided my cold had subsided enough to get out.

I over did it! 48 Miles across the levels at a good 15mph average. After 35 miles I felt very tired and it was very hard for the last miles. Jelly beans were my saviour. I had been going well and surprised myself. I think the last 3 hills before home are always a challenge, just more so this time. The weather was again excellent, and there was no wind !

Last night I also put my entry in for the Grizzly Cub run which is next March - they now do entry by lottery!!! because of over subscription, I have done it 3 out of the last 4 years, last year I didn't get in with the new entry system, we will see how we get on. The Cub Run is only 9 miles over a tough coastal off road run following much of the Grizzly route, the Grizzly itself is over 20 miles and a very tough run. Too far for me, but the Cub gives something to aim for in March next spring.

After a morning shop for shoes for Mrs B and a visit to B&Q for a new security light in Exeter this morning, I decided I needed to start my build up to the Exmoor run in 3 weeks, so did my Neroche woods run this afternoon, very warm so shorts and short sleeve T again. managed to do a comfortable 6.02 miles keeping my HR down to 139 average, the trails were very dry and very hard underfoot I was  quite pleased as I have not run for 2 weeks and had a hard ride yesterday. Will cycle tomorrow, with a short round town run on Wednesday. I have decided I need to pick up my pace on the short town runs as I find running fast quite difficult, must try to get in some hills as well. BUT! I don't want to do 'real training' the Exmoor 'Stumble' is 7 miles of moorland and woods basically 4 miles up and 3 miles down. I need to beat last years time of 1:13 but! I did come 3rd in the over 60 category!!

On my Blog list I have been looking at Sharkeys Dream

The photos of his Langdale walk were stunning, makes me feel I need to get out into the mountains again, not been since the spring!!! must check my diary for next couple of months!!

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