Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday March 2nd

A very busy week but managed to get 14 miles running and a few miles cycling through Bikeability. The real bonus being a 12.47 run across the Quantocks again today [not included in the 14 miles]

2 road runs around the town helped keep the mileage up even after 3 full days of Bikeability and some different unconventional training, walking round Oxford for 2 days, it was nice to get away for a couple of days and celebrate another year passing! The Bodleian and Ashmolean were interesting places and the various colleges made Oxford a lovely place to visit, we must go back when the weather is better.
The weight still continues to fall following the ‘myfitnesspal’ app, think I have lost 8 pounds now so getting very near my 12 stone target.

The months totals have been down on last year and the year before, mainly due to work and secondly the weather. February 58.7 miles running, 157.47 miles cycling compared with 79.2 miles running and 192.86 miles cycling last year. The Grizzly next week, but sadly I wont be there after failing to get a ‘lottery’ place, which is why we entered the Exe to Axe.

The run today across the Quantocks was hard, this time I managed 12.47miles and reached the Beacon Hill trig point at 310 metres – in very windy and very wet low cloud. The run started in poor weather with the climb up Wills Neck 384 metres in low cloud and poor visibility, but the wind was on my left rear side making running a little easier on the outward journey, quite muddy along the drove today, seemed lots of boot and hoof marks as well as MTB tracks. No view today as the cloud was so low. Over Halsway post, past Bicknoller and onto climb Beacon Hill, a couple of marzipan marbles and a drink from the camel back [thanks Muddy runner for the tip on stopping water sloshing, it worked well] below the summit sheltered from the wind and rain – I only saw one person the whole length of the ridge and that was on the summit.
The return run was hard, running direct into the wind and rain much of the time I was pleased to have my ‘Buffalopertex Mountain Shirt, not waterproof but kept most of the rain off and did keep me warm.   Some walking at times was needed. The final pull up Wills Neck was very hard as it’s so exposed. Several MTBers passed on the way back, but no walkers, clearly they thought better. The final mile was a struggle and indeed a walk!  1100 ft climbed today, but somewhat short of the Exe to Axe ascent. Felt ok after and recovered quickly,  I was tired, heart rate was still averaging 146 with a maximum of 164 well below my maximum of 174. 20 miles along the coast seems a long way.

Heavy week of five days Bikeability this week, so running will be limited to road runs around the town, but should get a few miles cycling in each day, be it at a slow rate.

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