Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday March 7th

Working 5 days this week has been hard (supposed to be retired) so very pleased today when the Bikeability finished at lunchtime, we had both exhausted the junctions we could use and also the children! Very few level roads around the remote  small village school on the Blackdown hills with rush hour when the bus comes through, combined with Mole valley deliveries and tractors on their way to muck spreading. The weather has been very warm too, in contrast to yesterday with low cloud, drizzle and a stiff breeze. I was also able to cycle to the school today, being only 6 miles from home, however, it was 800ft of climbing to get there, but a good descent on the way home.

Good week running with two round town runs of 5.5miles in the dark. No injury issues, set now for another Quantocks raid on Sunday to try to up the mileage again to 15miles. But! My Garmin forerunner 110 watch decided to give up the ghost, blank screen, wouldn't charge, nothing. So immediately googled to find a replacement, amazon at £90 best price, I already have a HRM from my old one. I liked the 110 as it was easy to use, gave me the information I need and also I wore as a watch as it didn't look too sporty and was a good size, as well as a good time keeper being satellite controlled . I got it delivered next day (today) and is charging as I type this. I do like to know how far  I have  run. Will look into getting my old one repaired at Garmin.

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