Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday 24th February

A busy weekend, although no cycling, Saturday saw Mrs B and I heading up the motorway to Gloucester to see our Grand Daughter, a pleasant day with a visit around a well preserved Gloucester Docks with a nice lunch in Dr Foster’s bar/pub. The docks and their buildings provide an excellent view into Gloucester’s past history as a valuable port used heavily for importing and exporting. Lots of preserved relics, well worth a visit.

Sunday was different with poor weather forecast with gales. I was determined to get a run in before the bad weather set in. So 7:30 saw me driving up to Staple Hill car park for a run at Neroche on the Blackdown Hills. Parking up I was the only car there, wind was howling through the trees, I was pleased much of the run would be in woods and therefore sheltered.

After setting off in drizzly rain, and high winds, the dog walk was exposed to the elements before entering the woods, underfoot was muddy, fortunately not too wet. I managed to run over to Neroche Castle before I saw people. In places the woods were quite spooky with creaking trees and wind whistling through the tall trees. On my return run up the hill at Mount Fancy farm I had competition from five MTB lads attempting to get up the hill without stopping, easy for me and I am pleased to say none came anywhere near me! When I looked back at the top there was no sign of them, but they seemed to be enjoying the outdoors with lots of banter between them as to who would manage a clear ride up the hill. I managed to avoid the showers this time, although the wind was a real challenge and did slow my pace in the last mile or so as I was running directly into it. Another great run with another 7:0 miles adding to my totals.

Today [Monday] saw a return to Bikeability in a village school near Yeovil, weather was really good with a real feel of spring, sadly it won’t last. Managed a few miles with the children, but not at any pace. Two more days of Bikeability in Bridgwater before a short break in Oxford!

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