Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday 30th March

Today I feel a little guilty - I don't like to let people down by not turning up,  a little envious - a fantastic weather day, for a fantastic run on a fantastic route and a little relieved - wasn't sure my knee was up to the distance, but! overall very satisfied it was the right decision,  Why? Because today was the Ex to Axe and I (we) were not there? Events over the past week with bereavement in the family followed by the usual aftermath of funerals etc. we made a quite correct decision to be DNS. This combined with niggly  knee, transport logistics made the decision even more correct. At this time families need support and to be at home is the best way to show it. So a 40 mile  solo cycle ride to view the aftermath of the Muchelney floods was my morning excursion, in beautiful weather, fantastic for the E to A, perhaps a little warm for 20 miles  running! The fields around Muchelney were very 'damp' but not many houses with skips etc. showing flooded properties. Roads were in good condition, and quiet, think clocks changing helped. I set a good pace, though not meaning to, with the 40 mile covered at 14mph +. I hope the runners had a good day, I will look forward to reading a race report. With 5 Tors next weekend cancelled, I have no running events planned, so back to cycling and Audax.

We returned home on Friday after a fantastic four days in the Lakes.

View over Windermere at Bowness when we got there, it poured with rain the next day!

 Great accommodation at Fallbarrow Park, Bowness, a large 3 bedroomed superior caravan, very warm with central heating and very clean, lots of space, far more than the old ones we used when the children were little! It made a nice change from using the camper. The journey up was extremely busy on the M5 and M6 but even worse on the way back, clocking up 300 miles each way.
I managed a couple of runs around Bowness, one in the rain! 3.5 miles and 6 miles, also a couple of low level walks round Rydal including coffee and scone at the excellent Rydal Hall tearooms,  Tarn Howes and Brant Fell above Bowness

                                                          View from Brant Fell, towards Ambleside

 we were lucky with the weather, managing to avoid

heavy showers whilst we were out. The countryside was beautiful, lots of daffodils and uninterrupted views as most trees were still 'leafless', but heavy in bud. Lambs gambolled in the fields, carefully looked over by proud mums. We were surprised how busy it was, people of all ages, showing the Lakes are an all year round 'resort' these days. We also made the compulsory visits to the gear shops in Keswick and Ambleside, however, no significant purchases were made, unless two pairs of socks count!
We also couldn't visit the lakes without lunching in Booths in Keswick.

Photo shows a view Looking over Rydal Water

                                                  mmmmm! Wilfs Veggie Chilli

or a veggie chilli from Wilfs at Staveley, we even treated ourselves to big veggie breakfast at Wilfs on the way home.

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