Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wednesday 19th March

After an early morning visit to a local town to monitor a School Crossing Patrol(lollipop person) which went well, even though it was a very busy main road. I quickly drove across to the Quantocks to complete another lengthy run in my build up to the Exe/Axe in a week and a half. My aim was around 16miles. I was surprised on reaching the car park at Lyyeard hill how many cars were there for midweek! There was a breeze, but the sun was threatening to come out. Three quarters again today with short sleeve jersey and arm warmers from my cycling kit. A camel back again with over a litre of energy drink, the marbles and some flapjack (home made of course).

I felt good running up to Wills Neck and followed a similar route to last time, it was sad to see a group of primary school children with hi viz vests on when I got to the drove, they were having a great time, but did they really need hi viz on the Quantocks? Elf and safety a little OTT!

I managed to get to Bicknoller post before I saw anyone else, strangely I saw the same couple on my return at Wills Neck, the lady commented she had seen me before earlier that morning, I didn't like to say, 'yes, that was 12miles ago'!!

My run was incident free, the sun came out which was nice and underfoot, was very dry and any mud compacted. 15.66 miles today at just over 11mins mile! Very pleased, knee niggle again, but not sure what it is. Quite tired, but also pleased that I was able to run all the way up Wills Neck, I am sure the gel I had ten minutes earlier helped! I also thought the energy drink helped (ISO from Holland And Barratt) and I had very little left in my camelback.

Still 4.3 miles short of the 20mile I need to do, and also a couple of thousand feet short of climbing.

I was pleased yesterday to be able to cycle to the Bikeability course at a local village school and clocked up 30 miles. Knees ached a little, but found I was cycling up some hills in higher gears.

Will do a short run on Friday evening and longer one over the weekend, probably my last long run as off to the Lake District Monday for a few days, short runs, and short walks with visits to tea and outdoor shops in between are on the cards.

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