Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday 16th March
Spring has sprung or are we speaking too soon?
I thought I would report backwards on the week this week as today has been such a great day for running, weather and a rather splendid lunch/ carvery at the Eagle Tavern at Buckland St Mary, an unexpected treat as my daughter decided to drop by and suggested it. Very good nut roast for my wife and I and lovely cuts of meat for daughter, added to which were, roast pots,parsnips, broccoli, carrots etc!! Too be recommended at £10 a head.

I felt I had earned mine as I had burnt 1600 calories earlier this morning with a stunning run from Beer Head to Weston Mouth clocking up just over 10miles. As I drove down to the coast early I was locking the van and stretching by 8:00 in Beer Head carp ark, I wasn't the first but the sun shone in clear blue skies, with only a murmur of wind.

I set off up the track, very aware that I was taking a risk today by wearing my new Salomon FellRaiser trainers, nice and shiny in red!, however my worries were unnecessary as they were superbly comfortable for the whole 10 miles, I was very pleased with them,giving an excellent grip throughout, although the trails today were reasonably dry. I bought the shoes from Wiggle at a good price and were delivered on Saturday, excellent service. I decided drastic action was needed after my Speedcross 3 were on the way out ( I will follow a warranty claim,if I can find the receipt).

My new Salomon Fell Raisers

After a good pull up to Beer Head it was a cruise along the top before a steep and rapid descent to Branscombe Mouth, across the stream, cafe still shut, but a few cars in the carpark a steep pull( and a walk) brought me to the forested ridge, pleasant running, before turning off to follow the coast path up a very wet and muddy track,avoided by a bit of scrambling round bushes and trees.
Up on to Berry Fort with excellent views all around, the path here is near to the cliff edge so care was needed, I continued across the top, various ups and downs before reaching Weston Summit trig point, above Weston Mouth, the Gps showing 5miles run. The weather was stunning and I was glad I made the choice of 3/4 tights and short sleeve jersey, bum bag with jacket, ISO drink and faithful marzipan marbles, apparently Trail magazine in their latest edition stated  3x13g of Marzipan and raisins have 170 cals, 2.5g protein, 30g carbs, 5.5g fat.

view towards Sidmouth from Weston summit, my turning point

A drink, snack and photo before turning to head back the way I came. I turned off though at Fountains inn to run down trough Branscombe village, a pretty village, sadly with many holiday homes. Down past the blacksmith before turning to run back to the coast, easy running as it was down hill. At Branscombe Mouth, descision time, straight up, bridle way or stairway to heaven( the track at the end of the undercliff is very steep and is called stairway to heaven by the Grizzly organiss!)
I chose the straight up route, which was a steep, 1/2 mile that took me a good 10minutes walking, the steps at the top being particularly difficult as they were too big for my short legs. I was tired by now so was pleased to gain the summit. Finished off my iso drink and several more 'marbles' to get me back. I had seen few people and was surprised to only see two couples before finally descending back to the car park. I felt good, no pains anywhere, slight twinge in my right knee, but that's old age!
I was tired, but pleased. It will be good to download from my gps to see feet climbed.
I had run part of the Exe/Axe route. A great run in stunning weather,with stunning views.

Looking towards Seaton from Beer head ,on my way back

Earlier in the week the fog, spoiled what promised to be a week of good weather. 4 days Bikeability in fog is not easy. However I did manage 3 runs of 5.5 and 3.1 on the road and 7 miles off road on my Neroche route, so a good week, few cycling miles again though, but guess focus will be back on cycling after E to A to prepare for Audax rides. So my total this week was 25.6 miles, pleased with that and my new shoes. Last big run next weekend, so must hit 15 or 16 miles in one run.

I still need to add photos to last post, will try to sort tonight.

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