Sunday, 23 March 2014

Monday 24th March

The weekend weather forecast was not good and knowing I needed to get in a last long  run, tried to gauge the best day. Getting up early on Saturday the signs were not good, Sunday seeming the better option. However, as always  with the British weather it changed, brilliant sunshine! So decided to get my bike out. A good 30 mile ride over and round North Curry, giving a stiff headwind on the way home. I was pleased as I had done 30 earlier on in the week so 60 miles on the bike. My right knee again had a 'niggle' which was a cause for concern, I thought cycling might have done some good.

Sunday dawned with grey skies and as I collected my kit, spots of rain tapped on the window. 17 - 18 miles across the Quantocks was my aim. Again as I drove across through Taunton rain was on the wind screen and as I pulled into the car park at Lydyeard hill a very brisk and chilly north westerly breeze made getting out of the car an unpleasant experience, especially as it was only 7am!
Several cars in the car park, one had someone asleep in the back, beer cans strewn around the outside. Just as I was getting ready a land rover drove in and a fellow runner stepped out, we exchanged greetings, Liz was doing a short run with her dog and was interestingly twenty seven weeks pregnant.

So I had company for the first few miles up and over Wills Neck, a stiff headwind  made running hard work, and I started to wonder if I had got my clothing right, Liz set up a good slow pace and we parted company on the drove with Liz heading back over the fields, which I think will have given her a good five mileish run, well done Liz.

It was hard work on my outward journey, I was a little concerned on the stoney ground as it seemed to give a sharp pain in my knee, not a good omen. My turning point trig, was very windy and cold so no time to hang about, I ate whilst walking. The weather by now was improving with longer spells of sunshine, although dark clouds loomed up on the horizon before heading in the direction of he levels and Glastonbury.
I felt on my return run benefits of my longer excursions, but niggly knee had me worried. Back at the car park 16.5 miles completed, not quite as far as I had hoped. However, my main concern being my knee! I rubbed in some Voltorol to ease the niggle. Car park now very full, the sleeping car, disappeared leaving his/her beer cans behind for others to remove, very irritating and annoying!
Off to the Lakes this morning fr a four night break at Bowness, no camper van this time, taking advantage of a deal at Fallbarrow Park on a luxury caravan. Hope I can get some low level walks and the odd short run in it will give me an idea whether my knee would survive a hard 20mile on the coast.

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