Monday, 16 February 2015

Wheels back on the wagon !

I am pleased to say the wheels are back on the wagon, after coming off big time nearly two weeks ago.
I managed to get out on my bike yesterday and did a steady 26miles across the levels, very pleasant it was too! Took my time and only averaged Just over 13.5 mph but that's ok, the climbs were ok as well.
Today I decided to give the running a try, so got my running costume on this afternoon and did 4.94 miles around town, keeping my HRM down to average 144 my average pace was 10.47 mins a mile, no stress, and I feel ok. Did a good stretch when I got back so hopefully no hamstrings issues.
Tomorrow ( Tuesday ) back to spinning  class but! I will try to ease in and keep the HRM down.
If I can do 7 mile on Wednesday round Neroche and perhaps a Coastal 8/9mile at the week end I can then decide Grizzly or no Grizzly!!

So back to being positive, feel motivated, trying not to overdo it too quickly on my return.
We shall see how it goes 😄

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