Sunday, 8 February 2015


Sunday 8th February

Normally my Sunday morning would be spent, cycling, running or walking but not today, I have been unfortunate enough to pick up a bug that has knocked me flat since Thursday.
I knew I had a cold after last week end and though it would come and go as always, not this one!!
I felt very unwell on Wednesday but had a Bikeability on Thursday in Bridgwater, it was too late to cancel and too late to find a replacement, so I loaded up the car, had a couple of Anadins and went off. I felt pretty grim all day, my voice was virtually non existent, I felt awful.
I drove home after and everything ached, and I couldn't stop shivering, I went straight to bed and that's where I stayed for two days, I didn't eat a thing, and drank lemsips [YUK!!!] I couldn't taste tea. It has now gone into that hacking cough stage which means no sleep.
I still feel it will be a couple of days before I am anywhere near back to normal.

I don't understand how you can go from being fit one minute after all that training and then end up like this, surely fitness should have helped fight infection, not to mention all the fruit and veg I have been eating in an attempt to get fit. - ALL very disappointing.
Its now only three weeks to Grizzly, I have no motivation or enthusiasm for the event, so will decide this week whether to pull out and sell my place, same with Ex to Ax at the end of March, I cant see me getting the miles in now to enable me to complete it comfortably, and I don't want to struggle round as it takes away the enjoyment.
So as I sit up in bed typing this looking out on a beautiful morning, I feel somewhat cheated after my hard work.
But! I must remember there are people far worse off than me, and hopefully within the week this will all be gone and I can get back with life.

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