Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Tuesday 10th Feb

I think its now beginning to move!! the cold that is! my nights are still horrendous with a hacking cough for what seems to be forever in the night, better in the day and today feels better still, I can now speak more than a sentence without a cough or be asked 'pardon?' or at least it was in Tesco this morning. I do have a coughing fit every now and again and I think I can now taste tea again, which is great news.

So hopefully I am on the mend, I am planning for a ride/run on Sunday all being well. I have had to get cover for the Bikeability this week, there was no way I could shout and stand on street corners with this lot! I think pneumonia would have been on the cards.
Must decide early next week, Grizzly or no Grizzly ?? and then think about Ex to Ax yes or no?

The weather continues to be fabulous,but very cold, brilliant sunshine days, very little wind.

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