Friday, 13 February 2015

Getting better

Friday 13th February

After a week of this miserable cold its finally shifting, I am sleeping through without coughing, I only have an occasional coughing fit and I feel much better in myself, I am now back to eating normally after losing half a stone in 3 days through not eating, so feeling more positive today, even now thinking could I manage Grizzly!!!!??? I wont know until I get out again, might manage a short run tomorrow and a bike ride on Sunday, that will tell me how I feel, I was tempted to go today, but its pouring with rain and very windy so will use the cold as an excuse once again, don't want to go 2 steps back!!!

I did manage to get outside yesterday and trim some of the beech hedging, I did have back ache when I had finished, but thought the fresh air did some good. So hopefully will get back into the swing of things quickly, I have booked my spinning class for next Tuesday evening so that will be another indicator, although must remember to take it a little easier, perhaps the HRM might help and keep that down.

This keeping fit lark is very hard work, and I am envious of those people who manage to avoid colds, aches and pains etc and seem to keep fit, take Gordon whose Blog I follow, is quite an inspiration in his 80s and still running well, and his latest post of running on the fells is very much an inspiration to just get on with it, Gordon  was  poorly a few weeks ago, but now is back to running up to 10 miles across the fells, respect to you Gordon [if you read this] if you don't then respect anyway :-)
Then there is John Kynaston whose running miles and speeds I could only ever dream of, he is never ill!! how does he avoid colds and other injuries??? and do so many miles?

I can feel my enthusiasm coming back, what I need now is to get out, but! I think the closest I will get today is to Tesco in the car for a nice custard slice for tea!!!! the hills and trails will still be there tomorrow !

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