Monday, 2 February 2015

Another cold!!

Monday 2nd February

After what I thought was a good 2 weeks of getting into training, despite the hamstring, sore calf and Plantar Faciliwhatsit on the ball of my right foot, I now manage to pick up a cough, aching limbs etc. this came to light after my 10 mile jaunt across a very bitterly cold Quantock ridge on Saturday. This keeping fit lark is hard work, just when you think you are getting somewhere, something is there to knock you back. Now I can’t decide whether to rest for the week or try to keep going!!
I am booked on spinning tomorrow night [Tuesday] so will go to that, but will give my run tonight a miss as it’s bitterly cold and an odd snow flurry!
The run across the Quantocks was very hard, it was a very stiff head wind on the way up to Wills Neck and along the ridge, and bitterly cold, I was just about warm enough in my windstopper. My Hamstring felt very tight and felt at one time it would cramp, then it would ease off. On the way back along the ridge I seemed to be getting slower and my time was a good 8minutes slower than last time, it was very muddy in places making the going hard, there were very few people about and those that were, were well wrapped up. When I got back to the car the coffee was welcome, my legs ached, my hamstring was sore and my cough was starting to develop, so I felt very sorry for myself. In the meantime my wife and daughter had gone off to Bath to celebrate daughters 30th birthday with a trip to the spa!! And then lunch. I had the left overs from the stew from the night before, and very nice it was too, I did take some time to warm up in the shower and my legs did ache for the rest of the day, I still can’t see any improvement despite all my hard work, spinning and running so lost/losing some motivation at the moment, especially with my cough and aching limbs again, so soon after the last one before xmas.
Sunday I went to Gloucester to help my son move some stuff around his new house and of course see Gdaughter.
So after a good week, not getting wet on Bikeability, managing to run 3 times and spinning at 80% HRM for 45 minutes twice! I start the next week at the bottom, legs ache, hamstring niggles I have a cough and lost motivation as I don’t seem to make progress, only 3 training weeks to Grizzly and at this rate I can’t see me doing 20 miles on the Ex to Ax at the end of March.

I hope next weeks blog post  is more positive.

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