Saturday, 3 December 2016

National Trust Kilerton and very cold weather

4th December 2016

I never did get my Wobblies ride this week ! a phone call to ask me to cover a colleague on Bikeability on Wednesday morning had me driving over to Bishops Hull for the morning, very cold and frosty it was too, but bright sunshine. I only had the morning to do before driving over to Tatworth for a one to one training for a child who missed out on the course a few weeks ago.

Given the frosty morning, a Wobblies ride would have been quite dangerous with frost in places, whereas the Bikeabilty in the town was perfectly dry and safe, and surprisingly warm in the sunshine with no wind. It was a quick dash for the 15miles to the afternoon session, lunch was eaten on the drive over. It was a lovely day and as I was well wrapped up I was toasty!The afternoon session with the child and his teacher went well, the child getting more riding and practice as an individual rather than a group of six.

 An email dropped in my inbox informing me that Bikeability had now reached its 2,000,000th success for level 2, I just hope that some of those practise what we preach to keep themselves safe out on the roads. One final two day course this coming week before the Christmas break, I just hope this dry weather lasts the week! Cold we can do, cold and wet is difficult!

This week I have managed two 9 mile runs around the town, so pleased with that, both at a reasonable pace, but no real cycling since last Sunday.
Tuesday saw me driving over to National Trust Stourhead to meet up with an old work colleague for coffee, it was lovely day again, brilliant sunshine, I took the van for a good outing, and keep it running through the winter, it was busy as usual.

Friday was a dull, cloudy and cold day, me and Mrs IanB went to the National Trust property of Killerton near Exeter, they usually have a really good Christmas decorations, this year it was themed around the ‘Grimm fairy tales’ with rooms decorated with themes, Hansel and Gretal, Little Red Riding Hood etc, they were beautifully laid out, and lots of work had gone into it, we were very lucky as it was quiet when we arrived so were able to enjoy each room virtually on our own. We followed the house visit with a walk in the gardens and we had brought coffee and homemade shortbread biscuits with us so were able to sit in the grounds and enjoy the wintry views across the park. Well worth a visit. A couple of photos that don't really do it all justice, but give a flavour!

I noticed on the Grizzly run facebook page that its now 99 days to the event day! It soon comes round. I need to try to get another 100 or so miles cycling in before the end of the month to reach my 3000 miles this year, which will be less than last year, but, I have run over 700miles which is over a 100 miles more, My daughter in her first year of running is hoping to reach 365 making it a mile a day for the year, I hope I can get to help her complete it.

Sunday today, I should get out for a few cycling miles, forecast is for very cold and dry, so might have to leave till after lunch, cycles and icy roads don’t match!

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