Monday, 28 November 2016

Weather improvement, a little running and cycling

29th November 2016

After the heavy rain of last Monday, and again on Tuesday when we got very wet on Bikeability the rest of the week remained cold and dry, another two days of Bikeability with some very immature year 5s meant no real cycling days out. I did manage a couple of runs of 5 and 6 miles round the town, which given my lack of getting out went well.
Sunday I was able to get out with Mike for 38 miles over the levels, some parts showing flooding! despite all the money spent on the attempts to stop it.

Saturday saw us in Sidmouth, a little light relief after the trauma of the week, White horse café as good as ever, we did manage a little Christmas shopping.

On another story, M had to go to Gloucester late on Tuesday last week when one of the twins unexpectedly went to hospital with a breathing problem, and was kept in overnight, so a worrying time for all, including his twin brother and older sister. Fortunately, all turned out better by the end of the week and all are now well.

Yesterday, after a day round the shops in Exeter a good 9 mile late afternoon run round the lanes in nice sunny weather, went well, I am trying to keep to 3 days a week for a run and cycle twice a week, March and the Grizzly will soon be here.

I should get out with the Wobblies tomorrow before  one to one Bikeabilty training in the afternoon.

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