Sunday, 17 January 2016

contrasting days


Saturday [yesterday] was a beautiful day, chilly, but not too cold after a heavy frost, so it was down to Sidmouth and a visit to the White Horse for lunch, but!!! it was shut for annual maintenance. Neither of us fancied anywhere else so we came home for lunch after a lovely walk along the font, and coffee in our flasks, sat on the shingle at the Jacobs ladder end of the resort. The sea was very calm and virtually no surf. Although the piles of shingle around did indicate it had been very rough. 

The afternoon I was able to get out for a long run and although it would have been nice to go off road I decided that staying local would save a drive! so I headed up Snowden Hill and round the lanes, still very muddy and wet in places, the sun continued to shine, and being very low in the sky, it was still very chilly. after the lanes it was round the local reservoir, many dogs and owners about as it was a nice day, fortunately dogs are not allowed on the path next to the water, because of the wildlife. I felt good as I ran and the last couple of miles seem to go well arriving home after covering 10.10 miles at an average pace of 9.53 mins and mile, I don't suppose that's a brilliant time, but for me its miles in the legs!! it was still light when I got home at 5:00 pm so the evenings are starting to draw out already, roll on spring!!

I expected to see a heavy frost on Sunday morning, but the outside thermometer said 5 degrees C I was thinking I would go for a cycle ride in the afternoon, when the frost cleared, but! as it wasn't and the forecast was for a cloudy but dry morning I kitted up for a ride at 9:00 and headed over towards Martock - then!!! as I descended into the village there was a fine rain, which I wasn't expecting, not enough to wet [yet] but annoying, I continued on thinking it would stop, but it didn't and as I got to Muchelney, it was much worse, but as I was the furthest point on my ride I decided to continue, getting wetter and wetter, I made the decision to bail out before Hatch Beauchamp and head for home, I didn't put my waterproof on as I had my Gore softshell, but my gloves were now starting to leak making my hands chill, my feet were still ok, despite all the puddles and rubbish n the road, my Shimano Goretex boots, still seeming to work after about 5 years of winter wear. 

As I headed back through Ilton, the rain got worse and I was starting to get chilly, and then I got to Crock street and heard the bleet of what sound like very young lambs, and it was, a field had sheep with their lambs at their sides, the first I have seen this year, and very early, not good weather for the young lambs to be entering the world. I plodded on home, stopping briefly for a ceral bar as it was a good four hours since breakfast. 
38 miles covered this morning and I am pleased to say, it was a good job I went out this morning as the rain is heavier this afternoon, despite the forecast giving no rain for the day, just thick cloud!!!
Anyway, a good finish to the week with 27.5 miles run and 42 miles cycled add in my spin session and kettlebells, a good weeks training, I just wish I would see a difference, I dont appear to be any better, go further, or feel less tired when I finish, I wonder what I am doing wrong, I keep telling my self, 65 in just over a month so not doing too badly, and cant expect to be the same as 20 years ago or make the same rapid progress. but! will I be able to do a 100k audax at the end of February and will I be able to complete the 20 mile Grizzly run with all the hills and bogs!!!

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