Sunday, 24 January 2016

A good week running but bad for my heating!

24th  January 2016

A strange week weather wise, icy cold one minute the next [today] back to 12 degrees!!
shouldn't  grumble though, at least it keeps the heating bills down, AND!! we were told last Friday we need a new boiler so looking at £3k to complete the job, its working at the moment but! I have to top up the expansion tank pressure with my bike pump, just got to wait for the quotes, so hope it stays mild.

Back to Running and biking, I decided to meet the Blackmore Vale CTC at a local cafe on Thursday morning, given the  weather didn't look too bad and they were doing a circuit of 52 miles around our area. I calculated they would be at a local coffee shop by 10:15 at the latest so cycled out to meet them there, being first , I could get my coffee easily, £2.98p for a large latte! I thought it would last till they got here, given I had only brought £5 with me, so couldn't afford another, I didn't even have any cake! I waited until 10 :55 coffee mug empty and getting looks from the staff etc. so I decided to go on, and cycle on my own, I did 32 miles and finished off as always riding in the rain, so another cycle ride in the wet, the last three have been the same, always waiting till I get the furthest from home! I don't know where the BV lot got too, may have had a mechanical or puncture I suppose, and as there was no phone signal at the cafe could not phone anyone to check, or maybe they were just late, I will wait until I get the newsletter to find out??

Saturday saw us spending the day with our wonderful grandchildren in Gloucester, a great time had by all, but a horrid drive home in the pouring rain.

Early, Sunday saw me heading south to Seaton Hole to continue my quest for fitness, a very muggy, murky, foggy morning with the fog thickest on the cliff tops as I ran over Beer head, very mild though and no wind. I saw one person with a yappy dog in Branscombe for the whole of my 9.1 miles, I even found a new bit of the Grizzly route which took me over a further hill making it 1700 ft of ascent, I felt ok today and even ran the last bit from Beer over to Seaton Hole, which I cant remember running before, it was all very muddy under foot and very slippery in places, still I really enjoyed the run and not feeling too bad on finishing, raised my motivation levels.
Couple of days Bikeability this week, but should get a couple of runs in, my plan is for a good 10 mile road run tomorrow and perhaps Wednesday, and combining a run or cycle with my Kettle bells or spinning seems to work quite well I am hoping the Kettle bells is now starting to pay off with building up my strength a little.

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