Tuesday, 26 January 2016

10 mile run

26th January 2016

Yesterday [ Monday], I was out the door by 9:00am for a run as the weather forecast was for rain later, sadly no one told the weather so was soon in a very fine drizzle or very low cloud, I am not sure which!

It was a road run, following on from my previous days efforts on the off road coast run of 9 miles - my intention was for 10 miles giving me a good 19 miles over the two days close together.
I headed up Snowden Hill and into the lanes around Chard in Somerset, very mucky with the tractors in and out of the fields and where the road dipped  big puddles that had to be carefully negotiated to avoid wet feet. I was soon round the lanes and into the circuit of the local reservoir and nature reserve, which was very peaceful, fortunately dogs are not allowed in!! my last couple of miles again were up hill and into a head wind, I had taken an ISO drink and was surprised to see it all gone by the 8th mile. 

10.04 miles and 604 feet of climbing at a 10 minute pace, slightly slower than the last time I ran the route which was 9:53 pace [ only seconds I know!]

Today was spent with readers at the Primary school, and now the rain and wind are beating the window as storm 'Jonah' takes hold. Spinning this evening but doubt I will get out tomorrow as weather forecast is for the storm to continue.
Then Bikeability Thursday and Friday.

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