Monday, 19 January 2015

Work, rest and play

Monday 19th January

After my lazy Monday night wimping out of an evening run[rest], Tuesday dawned with better
prospects! The weather forecast was better, so maybe I would escape another soaking on Bikeability.
We had a good day out with the children, all managing to demonstrate they were level 2, it was a very cold windy day but! The showers were at lunchtime, so we missed them.[work]
It was my spinning night so had to dash home, quick cuppa and a biscuit before 45 minutes of hard work. I came home, very hot and very tired, but pleased that my HRM indicated another session at 80% of max HR.
Wednesday was school day, and there was some snow as I drove across the Blackdown Hills, so after a morning reading Biff and Kipper etc with the year 2, the forecast was for gales and heavy rain later in the afternoon, I had to get a run in as soon as possible after lunch, I decided to head up to Neroche for my 6 mile off road route, there were patches of snow and the wind was very cold, I felt good and as usual couldn’t understand why I felt good but! My time was poor, funny thing the body! it was very wet underfoot, so muddy wet shoes were the order of the day.[play]
Thursday another Bikeability day, a cold but dry day, in fact it was brilliant sunshine all day. Back to the Gym in the evening for another spinning class.
Saturday I needed to get another run so managed 5.25 miles round town, my hamstrings seem to pull tonight, but I had a good fast run and felt it was a good time for the route. So at least I have managed nearly 12 miles running this week, I need to do more to prepare for the 20 mile Ex to Ax.
Sunday was forecast to be very cold again, and it was, but! Not icy under wheel, my computer said it was minus 1 degree at times. I managed a solo 42 mile cycle ride through Shepton Beauchamp, Kingsbury Epscopi, Muchelney [complete with flooded fields] Langport, Athelny, North Curry, Ham, and back over the hills through Broadway, Crock street etc. the roads were very wet and sometimes a little flooded near Athelney, I saw my first Snowdrops of the year just before Kingsbury, which was good to see, Spring is coming J

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