Sunday, 11 January 2015

A hard coast run and a cycle ride with my son

Sunday 11th January

The weather this week has been very changeable both in rain or shine and hot and cold!
I started the week[Sunday]  with my cycle ride with Mike 42 miles as already recorded, telling myself I had to try to get some sort of training pattern I decided that Monday needed a run, the weather wasn’t great  and my legs were feeling a little sore so only a 3.1 mile run around town to ‘loosen up’ for the following nights spinning class.
I arrived 15 mins early and changed into my cycling shoes, I think as the pedals take cleats cycling is better, as the shoes are stiffer. It was quite busy and I found myself on the front row!! It was a hard session with the usual build up to the big hill at the end, my calf muscle still doesn’t like the spin bikes, but a support bandage helps. I was also surprised when I heard my name called to set the pace for a 10 minute session!!! That was very hard and I noted my heart rate was 90%+ for much of the time. I was happy when I downloaded to note that the average was again with the 80-85% HRM range.
Wednesday was a rest day after 4 days of activity. And then Thursday saw my second spin session of the week, very hard again but different Instructor, this time we backed off the pressure after every hard session before introducing more resistance, again all achieved at a an 80-85% HRM.
Friday I decided should be my long run day, so I headed down the coast, parking at Seaton Hole to avoid the £3 parking fee and giving me an extra 2 miles and several hundred more feet of climbing. It was a beautiful day, sunshine and very warm for the time of year. I walked up the first hill to warm up, before starting my run down into Beer and up to Beer Head, by the time I reached the summit there was a stiff headwind, making running difficult across the top of the cliffs, it was quite muddy under foot making me work hard to grip and stop sliding about. I went down past Great Seside, a very muddy bridleway before getting to sea level at Branscombe. All was quiet I had not seen anyone since leaving my van at Seaton Hole, even through Beer itself!
I started the climb up Branscome cliff, again it was quite muddy on the ascent and along the top, trying to avoid several large puddles. I descended to the Fountains Inn and ran along the road. I was surprised to see the road still shut and the workmen still there, but the sign did say 77 days!! The workman as before were in the hut having breakfast.
I decided on a direct ascent of the branscombe cliff to Beer Head, good practice for the Ex to Ax, it was a killer!!!!! My calf muscles screamed and my heart pumped!! [I foolishly thought my spin class would give me great benefit here, I don’t think it did!!
I hit the jelly beans at the top feeling thoroughly exhausted! And made my way at a slow jog back over Beer Head. I ran past the car park, where I normally park, telling myself it was doing me good. I was very tired. Down into Beer trying to look fresh as I ran past some workman with a cheery “morning”!!! before hittin the steps up my final climb, this was hard and I was pleased to get to the top, I did manage to run the short, flat bit at the top before electing to run on the grass down the other side to Seaton Hole [A huge mistake!! As I managed to find a patch of dog poo!!!! And cover my shoe in it, not discovered till I tried to remove them at the van!!]
It was a very slow time but 8.9 miles covered [I had hoped for further] but 1589 feet ascended, I decided this cancelled out the further mileage and something to build on. I must start from Seaton itself next time. I was very tired given the distance I ran taking a coffee and Christmas cake to recover, thank heavens for the van!!!
Saturday was another rest day, I felt I earned it, good job as the weather was awful. Sunday was fence repair day, 3 panels to sort out, fortunately my eldest son came across to give a hand[ working for the National Trust helps!!] he also brought his road bike so we were able to get a ride in in the afternoon only my usual Hatch Beauchamp/ Ilton ride 26 miles. The weather was very grey and a chilly wind blew as we rode across the levels. A pleasant ride in company for a change.

The coming week I have 4 days Bikeability and the weather forecast is very poor, we will see how it goes, I must run a couple of days and I have booked in 2 spinning classes.

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