Saturday, 30 August 2014

Race day approaches

Saturday 30th August

Its been a week of very poor weather and I have not done any cycling other than a training day for Bikeability on my folder. But! I have managed to get out and run a couple of times, I think the running community call it the 'taper' so I did 5 miles on Tuesday evening, quite a reasonable pace and another 3.5 miles on Thursday evening, so I should be [hhmmm!!] ready to race tomorrow at Corfe, 13 miles should be within my capability, it would be nice to get near 2 hrs!!but!! there is always something, my foot was sore and a little achy, when I looked up symptoms its suggested I had 'metatarsalgia' which is pain on the ball of the foot and just behind the toes, fits exactly - it suggests RICE and rest , I have done a little ice, and ibuprofen gel and it does seem a little better, just hope it gets me round 13 miles of rough country running!

Today I am sorting my kit, weather is looking good for tomorrow so should be a great day out and a really nice run. I am also camping in my van tonight just outside Corfe castle so will drive down this afternoon and check out some of the route, will take my folder to have a look around.
A friend from Dorset Doddlers is running with a load of her club mates, so hopefully I might be able to latch on to them for some help!  

Watch this space for the results, I have been reading about John Kynastons 46mile Tour of Skiddaw, and looking at his video, quite inspiring and makes you want to run in the hills, respect to him and his wife for 46 miles in 11 hours at 14 mins a mile!!

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