Sunday, 10 August 2014

Left over Hurricanes and philosophy about your body and exercise!

Wednesday 6th August

What a strange thing the body is that you can do the same exercise over the same route in similar weather and get different results!

Yesterday[Tuesday] I took myself off to do my 7 mile Neroche route, late afternoon, as my previous run, this time I took my heart rate monitor, just to compare how I was several months ago.

I felt I was going well, but looking at my pace that was not what it was telling me, neither was my heart rate monitor! I felt as though I was running fast at a good pace and keeping my breathing/heart rate steady – within the 130 -140 range. I was surprised to see it hovering around 150 + but I thought that’s ok I am doing a good pace, but!! I wasn’t I was down to 10:30 -11:30 even on the easier down hills. The up hills my rate was 160 + with a max of 170 at one point on my return run.

My overall time for the 6 miles was 1:06 again, but I did 6.43miles which I did in 1hr :10mins giving me an 11 minute mile. All strange as I thought I was doing really well, going faster and expecting my time to be down to nearer 1:02 -1:04 for the 6 miles.

However!!! When I got up yesterday morning I didn’t feel too well, a bit of an upset tum! As though I had eaten something wrong the day before – SO! Maybe that was it, maybe we should listen to our bodies, if I had not used my HRM I would be no wiser. I will use it next time to check it out again.

Sunday 10th

Should have been out on my 100K Dorset Downs ride today, BUT Hurricane Bertha put paid to that [for me anyway] I decided yesterday that a day riding in wind and rain for 5 hours + would not be pleasant, so decided not to go. As I got up this morning it was raining hard with Gales. This eased off around 9 -10 ish to give a blustery day with heavy showers at times. I think I made the correct decision, it will be there next year!
 I spent yesterday[Saturday] helping my son put a roof on a conservatory, I can feel in my legs and arms where I have been stretching and standing on ladders, then fighting our way back home from Burnham on Sea in the holiday traffic, it was awful, motorway standstill bothways, fortunately I know the back routes home but still took us 1hr 20mins instead of 40 mins.
I felt sorry for all those going camping, knowing that the weather forecast overnight and Sunday was very poor, I am sure there are some soggy campers today.
 The down side of it this week, is I haven’t been cycling,  with Bikeability taking up 2 days [I did around 10 miles per day on that].
I haven’t run much either, just a 3.2 around town on Friday. Giving me  9.6 miles which is nowhere near enough training. I hope to get out this evening and MUST get some Quantock runs in this week to prepare for the BEAST!
Update Sunday evening - ran 5.5 miles around town at teatime so at least a few more miles. Didn't feel great HRM still seems high, it was also very hot, and very windy, left over hurricane!

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