Friday, 1 August 2014

Good month cycling

Friday August 1st

Typical start to holidays in England - its pouring with rain this morning! all those people heading down the motorway to enjoy 2 weeks in the sunshine of Devon and Cornwall, will be disappointed! wet Cornish campsites in the rain!!!

BUT! lets be optimistic and assume it will change [although forecast is for same at least till middle next week] at least its warm rain. The garden is very dry so really does need rain.

Anyway, July was a good month for cycling and I managed to cycle over 520 miles! so pleased with that, but I only ran 9.1 miles so got to get some more running miles in for the race at the end of the month. Only 1 Bikeability course over next couple of weeks so hopefully can catch up a little.
I did manage another 28 miles out on the bike this week [part of the 520] I have to say cycling after running does make my legs ache, I don't know how Triathletes manage to train for all the disciplines, my cycling affects my running and running affects my cycling!
I am planning to ride the Dorset Downs 100k Audax from Dorchester on the 10th August, a very hilly ride,  so need to keep up the miles on the bike as well as running miles - its a hard life! keeping fit.

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