Thursday, 6 February 2014

Monday January 27th to Thursday Feb 6th


I can’t believe it’s a whole week since my last input, quite hard to think what I have done over the past week and a half!!


Been quite lazy this week as far as ‘official training sessions’ go, after my car break in I lost a bit of enthusiasm, as I took to running the roads round town managed 2 runs [3.4 miles and 5.5 miles]  the second being more interesting as I included a run up ‘Scotties’ a half mile off road track up ‘Snowdon hill’  [not the real Snowdon!!] The run was a good 5.5 miles as I wanted to include roads I was unsure of, as part of my risk assessment for the Bikeability course I ran in the town this week –shin seemed ok, using my neoprene sleeve, unfortunately its now 4 days since I last ran. The weather is horrendous with severe gales and heavy rain, much of Somerset is flooded and the railway at Dawlish has been washed away. I cant seem to enthuse to go out in the this weather in the dark, so telling myself I can wait till the weekend but will have to work harder, 30th March is getting nearer. I did manage to get a bike ride in on Sunday 35 miles with Mike and Jason, Jason being very fit and active losing 4 stone and going to spinning classes each night!!

The Bikeability course planned for tomorrow and Friday in a local village has been cancelled as the school is shutting for 2 days due to flooding in the area, so hopefully might get a chance for a run, cant see me getting a  bike ride in as weather forecast is very poor, although Sunday looking better.


We also had a good walk at Sidmouth on Saturday [photo below] nice bright and sunny J
 Sidmouth looking West towards Ladram Bay
Sidmouth Looking East from below Jacobs Ladder

Thursday February 6th

Finally got out this morning, 3.88 mile run at 6am this morning good pace 9.53mm, well, good to say I am not pushing the shins. Shin seemed ok, just hoping I have now recovered. Need to build up my miles, will try to get out tomorrow and perhaps a coast run at the weekend as not been down Beer Head for months.

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