Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tuesday 18th February

Yesterday was a horrid day weather wise, heavy rain all day, even though the met office was telling us it was better [not sure for who!!! Certainly not Somerset].
Spent much of the day trying to inspire myself, Kilian Jornet book on the Kindle, a start to re read ‘Feet in the Clouds’ – brilliant book that sets a really good scene of fell running, making you realise how hard off road running is. This was followed by a quick check on the Blogs I follow, John Kynaston seems to run miles and miles up and down mountains in Scotland on a daily basis, whilst Muddy runner runs around muddy areas of Gloucester, Old Running Fox despite being Octogenarian continues to get the miles in across the moors. At the other end of the speed scale, Chris Townsend tells us about walking in Scotland and Sharkeys dream shows us the beauty of the Lake District. The thing they have in common, enthusiasm for the mountains. But, the difference is the amount of training and the ‘end product’  John Kynaston [ I am staggered at the mileage John does, but I suppose he is training for Ultras] and the Old Running Fox are careful to keep an eye on their pace etc. Muddy runner like myself, just enjoys getting out and about and entry to the odd event to prove to ourselves we can rise to and complete the challenge, without coming last! Chris Townsend and Sharkey walk and explore mountain areas on a regular basis and capture the results on film with excellent photos. A diverse group of individuals all getting pleasure out of exercise and above all mountains!

So when today dawned bright and sunny I was determined to get out and run. I headed up to Neroche, just in time to catch a heavy shower, so an extra five minutes sat in the car till it went through. Its half term so expected more cars, but only the usual dog walkers. Sunshine was back, so I set off at a steady pace determined to make sure I complete at least 7 miles. The run was uneventful, several patting of dogs as I went past [the friendly ones], one stick throwing episode for a grateful dog! And a chat with a man I met on the trail last week. Today I took my ipod so was in a ‘cocoon’ with earphones and hat. It was very warm today. 7.2 miles, did think of another circuit of the doggy path but decided not worth it for an extra mile! Home for a shower, tea and digestives. Hope I can get a longer run in this week.

Wednesday  19th February

29.76 miles on my bike today. I headed over towards the levels, Hatch Beauchamp through to Curry Mallet, Westport before turning back to the hills through Barrington, home of Barrington Court National Trust. Many roads were flooded and Barrington seemed to have had a rough time with lots of water flowing through the village and a number of trees down as well as landslides on the exit route towards Shepton Beauchamp, A climb up to Kingston before a steep descent to Dowlish Wake, a village that used to flood badly. But, seems to have escaped lightly. On to Knowle st Giles, before carrying my bike down the steps from the bridge that crosses the Chard –Ilminster cycle path, an interesting route that shows much of the ‘Stop Line’ from WW2, many of the relics and defences still in place. Many roads were covered in debris and not helped as some farmers had decided to cut the hedgerows, leaving the roads strewn with hedge cuttings. I had several lengthy stretches of water where I had to half pedal to avoid wet feet. Never the less a great ride, then it always is!!! 
Committed myself once more and entered the 5 Tors on Bodmin moor, unfortunately its the week after the Exe to Axe.

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