Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Great week cycling AND running!!

15th November 2017

Since my walk on Dartmoor the week just got better, My Plantar Faciitis was only faint after a long day on Dartmoor!
Wednesday was a fantastic day, the sun shone and there was no wind so the Wobble headed down to Lyme Regis for coffee on the front, we were celebrating Susies birthday so we chose a lovely cafe on the sea front and sat outside in the warm November sunshine, drinks only as we planned a Pub lunch in Kilmington so an hour after leaving Lyme and over a big Hill, we arrived at the Pub and had a wonderful lunch washed down with a nice pint of Beer!! a nice celebratory lunch, but! then we had to cycle to 12 miles home over Membury Hill which is several miles of climbing. A brilliant day out for all.
Thursday, I decided it was time to  a short 3 mile run around town as my Plantar Faciitis seemed to be receding, and as the weather deteriorates over the winter, cycling becomes less attractive and  I get fed up cleaning my bike. I took it steady, very steady making sure I stretched at the finish, and rolled my foot over my ball in the evening, all seemed well!!!
Friday I missed the club ride so managed 16 miles on my own .
Saturday was another short 2.8 mile run, seemed to go OK so it looks as though I am back running, YEH!
Sunday was damp, cold and windy, but I did manage to cycle 36 miles over the Somerset Levels, getting home, tired and chilled!!
Monday was a cold.frosty but bright sunny morning so I didn't fancy a cycle but! an off road run, so I headed over Neroche woods on the Blackdown hills, the ground was frosty in places and it was wonderful to be out in the woods with the autumn colours of the beech trees being stunning. I felt ok and managed 4.5 miles, I could have gone further but decided not to push it. I do have a faint pain in my foot .but generally it seems OK.
Tuesday was another bright day so 45miles over the levels and the same route was done on Wednesday with the Wobblies but this time we stopped at the Lemon Tree cafe at the Willow and wetlands centre at Stoke St Gregory, a great ride and bringing my cycling since Sunday to 126 miles, so pleased with that, AND I have run 5 miles last week and 4.5 this week so far, My plan is to run again on Thursday or Friday.

So overall a great week and lovely to be back running.

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