Wednesday, 1 November 2017

cycling and more cycling

Wednesday 1st November 2017

Well my planned walk on Dartmoor didn't happen, a heavy cold took hold and on the Sunday evening before I felt dreadful! and worse on Monday morning, so postponed till this coming Monday [I hope].

However, I have tried to keep up the cycling three times a week, so Wednesday and Friday last week saw me out with the local club, a nice ride in warm weather over Lamberts Castle and Musbury before coffee at Millers Farm Shop at Kilmington, nice very large piece of chocolate cake before the uphill ride home over Membury! only 38 miles covered. Friday was the usual fast friday ride, where I hang on the back only taking a turn at the front if I have too! by the time we reached the cafe at Yandles in Martock we were averaging 17 mph, the weather was very mild so eight of us in shorts today! another 38 miles !!

Sunday we went to Gloucester to see the grandchildren and celebrate Mrs IanBs birthday with a birthday tea, iced biscuits, chocolate fingers, hula hoops and jelly and ices cream followed by the customary birthday cake with candles, we had a lovely time the children particularly enjoying the balloons.

Monday was official birthday, so it was off to Sidmouth [in the car] coffee on the beach[nice and warm in the sunshine]  and lunch in the white horse cafe, what else but egg, chips, mushy peas, bread and butter and a mug of tea!!!!

My cold was still hanging on but I decided to get out on Tuesday, even though I wasn't feeling great, I went over the levels on my own and by the time I got back I was very tired and had no energy!! not a great ride I felt quite ill by the time I got home and was ready for my lunch, so only 38 miles covered again at a 12 mph average![ a lot of my rides at present seem to be around the 35 - 40 miles!!!] I was hoping that the Wednesday Wobble would be better. i was also trying out my new 'Raceblade longs' mudguards checking for rattles etc, all seemed well, now to wait for the dirty roads once more as today it was dry, hopefully they will give a little more coverage.

I decided that I would get out with the Wobblers, a couple of Anadins before leaving teh house made me feel better. five of us went over the Blackdown Hills to Dunkeswell via Hemyock on a lovely Autumn morning, temperatures not bad with no wind. we stopped at the Aerodrome cafe for coffee and cake! before heading home and practising our team time trialing skills on the Luppit straight down to Smeatharpe with a tail wind. We had a great ride and strangely I felt ok today, which is all very odd, given I had no energy the day before! averaging 14.5mph and over 3500ft of climbing. The Blackdowns were wonderful with their Autumn colours, there are lots of Beech trees which are just turning, but they also make it very sketchy on descents with lots of leaves on the road, my gears were playing up and seemed to be jumping about meaning I couldn't rely on my lowest gears on the hills, so struggled in a much higher gear, I hope I have now sorted them out for next time.

On the running front, still no running, in fact none for a month. I am trying a 'night time splint' as some websites seem to recommend them 

they look medieval, and you are supposed to wear it overnight, I wear mine for a couple of hours each evening whilst sat in front of the TV. I am thinking that it is getting better, not sure if its the splint, I am itching to get out and run, especially as the dark evenings and bad weather are round the corner, but, also worried about starting again too early.

So a busy week, and month with 410 miles cycled and zero miles run! 

4000 miles cycled this year so far and only 490 miles run, I hope I will manage to top up the running to 500 by the end of the year, particularly as I entered the 1000 mile challenge, I was going well until the dreaded PF caught me out! I seem to be cycling just over 100 miles a week at present which is good, not too much, not too little.

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