Saturday, 2 December 2017

An Audax and a Park Run

3rd December 2017

November was a good month for getting out, despite the weather at times, I cycled 427 miles and ran 46 miles, so pleased with that, especially running as I started running again at the start of November after my battles with Plantar Faciitis, although this is still there in the back ground, so taking care to roll my foot after a run.

November gave me some good cycling days out, a lovely ride with a friend over to Washing Pool farm near Bridport from Kilmington, through the Wootten Fitzpaine valley and the South Dorset hills, double egg and chips went down well. The weather was splendid with bright winter sunshine all day. I have managed to get out on a couple of Friday afternoons with the local cycling club, these rides are usually a fast pace for the first 25 miles to the cafe! then a little easier for the remainder of the 38 miles!

Late November I rode the 'Breakfast in Bampton Audax' with friends Susie and Rosie. this was a 68 mile event starting from the new village of Cranbrook near Exeter. It was a cold and frosty morning as I parked up in the car park of this, new village and I have to say I was very underwhelmed !!! a horrible 'housing estate' with dubious characters hanging around! I met up with the girls and the first part of the ride took us through the centre of Exeter, difficult on the first real christmas shopping Saturday of the year.

We successfully negotiated the city, even though my Garmin decided to play up. We were soon on the road to Bampton past Stoke Cannon, unfortunately the road was a main road and very heavy with traffic, moving at a fast speed, the large numbers of cyclists on the route was not helping with drivers becoming impatient.
The cake and coffee stop at Bampton was a welcome site, a lovely cafe and lovely food, but! far too busy, perhaps another visit in the summer in more relaxed mode!

The route over to Wiveliscombe was much quieter and as we turned to cycle over to Wellington we were now on B roads, the weather was good with lots of sunshine, and although this was nice and warm, in the shade was another story, very chilly! the roads now were very dirty and greasy meaning we had to take care on descents and bends. the roads from Wellington over to the finish at Whimple were back unclassified roads, narrow and muddy in places, but providing stunning views over the Devon/Somerset countryside. We were glad to reach our final checkpoint at the pub in the village, but we then had to cycle back to the cars in Cranbrook, back to the busy main roads, the afternoon was now getting late with dusk fast approaching and the chilly wind seemed to increase, by the time I got back to the car I was quite cold and glad to get the heater on full for the drive home.

A lovely day out with two friends and after the first 28 miles and the very busy roads the route was lovely with great weather and great views. 68 miles covered .

I have been managing to get out running twice a week, once round town 5 miles and off road round Neroche for my 6 mile route, I was lucky with the off road runs as the weather was really good, despite the chilly northerly wind.
I decided to give the Park Run at Seaton a go, so Yesterday I drove to Seaton for their Park Run, fine weather, chilly but little wind, 108 runners lined up. I was surprised at the speed of the group as they set off and found myself being overtaken by many runners, I held my position for the rest of the run, keeping a good pace, the final beach run of 100 metres however took their toll! 26mins and 39 secs, 49th out of 108 and second in my age group, so a good day out given I have only returned to running recently.

As the weather deteriorates over the winter I expect my cycling to get less and running to increase which hopefully will prepare me for the Grizzly next March.

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