Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Splendid weather

29th September 2015

I set off for a run around town this morning, the weather was stunning, clear blue sky's and a warm sunshine even at 9.0 am! Running around the lanes was a pleasure, I managed 8.18 miles at a pace of 9.20 mins per mile, which I thought good, and probably one of my best times around town, it seemed to go easy this morning, a little pulling on my calf but ok, hopefully if I can get to spinning later that might help.
Yesterday, another warm sunny day saw me around my favourite route around Athelney, 40 miles clocked up, really pleasant ride.
Sunday I was locking my car in Lyhdeard Hill car park at just after 6:30 am and was away jogging towards the sunrise ( it was still quite dark when I set off) a cracking morning, the views across the Quantocks were beautiful, especially as I was the only person around.
I climbed Wills Neck to see the sun poking over the hillside, a deep red, casting long shadows. I descended down to Triscombe and into the wooded track to Crowcombe, the sun dappling through the trees, still with a read glow.
After Deadwomans and Halsway post, I turned along the ridge to add extra miles to last weeks run, I ran up the hillside for a mile and bit before returning back to my last weeks route back to the car, I felt guilty as at times I disturbed groups of sheep lying on dry grass in the sun, moving on as I got to them.
A good 12+ miles covered in a good time, no injuries!! Only fuel was ISO and 6 marzipan balls (10gram)
Last week saw a good week, only one cycle ride of 32 miles but 3 runs of 7 miles and  a spinning session., not bad as it was all combined with a two day Bikeability course in the middle.
I have ordered some 'Tailwind' energy drink, as many runners seem to rate it instead of gels etc, so
will give them a go.
Weather is set good for the rest of the week, nearly had to go and help out with Twins today as poor George was suffering a sniffly nose not helping him with breathing, hence a hospital trip, in the end they discharged so not needed after all.
Look forward to seeing them all again and getting out in this lovely weather.

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