Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Grizzly place confirmed and the new twins

Wednesday 16th September

The weather has turned decidedly Autumnal being  wet and windy, the trees now changing colour, particularly over the Blackdown Hills, the beech hedging turning.
We came back from spending a couple of days with our new grandson twins, both doing really well, as are grand daughter and mum and dad. Its lovely to see two identical faces looking back at you when they are laying together on their play mat. 

I had the Grizzly place confirmed on Monday, so lots of training required for next March as its 20 mile of tough running, 10 miles further than the Cub run of previous years, a good way to celebrate my 65th birthday, its also good that Rachael up the lane has also had a place confirmed – but! We both have to get round the Herepath Half at the end of October.

Last week I had a good week with two runs of 7 miles [ total 15 miles]and 90 miles [in two rides] on my bike as well as two spinning sessions. I now have to up the mileage to meet the half marathon distance, I find this difficult running locally round the roads, as road running is quite boring and it seems to be hard on my calf muscle and hamstrings, I would sooner get out across the Quantocks off road and I know I can get a good 10 miles in easily. My pace seems quite good [for me just over 9 minute mile] in training, I don’t seem to have any issues with injury [niggles as usual] I am hoping very regular short runs combined with cycling reduces the risk of injury.

I have lost another couple of pounds so now down to 11.5 stone, which was my target. ‘My fitness pal’ app seems to be good at making me stick to healthier eating.

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