Monday, 24 August 2015

More shower dodging! but some nice sunny days as well

Saturday 22nd August

Sunday saw us having a day with Grand Daughter [GD] and a lovely day walking in Barnwood Arboretum, feeding ducks and squirrels, sadly no ice cream seller though. Lunch in the garden followed with hide and seek completed the trip, twins still looking good before their arrival next week.
Monday dawned bright and sunny so I decided to run the coast again, having not run down their since my Exe to Axe adventure in March. Parking at Beer Head on a warm and sunny morning. I ran up onto Beer Head little or no wind before dropping down to Branscombe, few visitors around even though it was 9:30. A climb up out of Branscombe was stiff and as usual I walked, as I jogged along I surprised another runner who was listening to her music. I dropped down through  the woods to the Fountains Inn, the sun continued to shine and I needed my sunhat to protect my eyes and head, as I ran back down through Branscombe there were more visitors around now and I decided the undercliff would give some shade  even though the stair way to heaven was at the end, I met a number of people walking the Undercliff, thinking back to my winter runs I never saw anyone along here. I climbed out of the Undercliff and back onto Beer Head, feeling ok and seemingly making a reasonable pace. By the time I was back to the van I had covered 6.6 miles, a nice coffee and cereal bar in the sunshine as the car park started to fill up, back home to mow the lawn followed a lovely morning out in the warm sunshine.
Tuesday was another nice morning, so we decided to have a trip out to Burnham on Sea, a nice walk along the front and along the estuary towards Highbridge and the River Parrett, lovely views over the Quantocks, both coffee and sandwiches were eaten out of the wind, the view changing as the tide went out to leave mud flats. A spin session was particularly hot and humid.
Wednesday saw a real change in the weather with it being very wet, so a lazy day and re introduction to Sudoku. However, later in the day I did run around town 5.5 miles covered at a good pace.
Thursday should have seen me out on a Blackmore vale CTC ride, but heavy rain I decided that it would not be pleasant cycling in that weather, even though 14 hardy soles did turn out. It was a very showery day, and I did manage to get out for a cycle ride in the afternoon even though I did get wet in the end as a heavy shower hit 4 miles from home!! 32 miles covered which I was pleased with. A spin session followed, I worked hard to maintain a good effort despite the humidity.
Friday was another wet day and little activity.
Saturday I was up early to get a run in so 6:am saw me jogging up the lane, a very pleasant run in early morning sun another 5.5 miles covered. A trip to Sidmouth whilst the weather was nice, hot and sunny, it was surprising to see so many people on the beach and even in the sea, lunch in the White Horse then as we drove home, storm clouds were gathering and by the time we got home it was thundering and the rain came down, I think we had the best of the day and as it happened the best day for the week!!!
Sunday was very wet and I didn’t get out until late afternoon, and again with 10 miles to go another shower hit, I did shelter and managed to stay dryish!
Sunday also saw me entering the Grizzly run on March 13th next year , I have decided to enter the longer event rather than the usual Cub run, so a muddy hard 20 mile run to prepare for, if I get a place that is in the lottery that takes place for the 2000 places.

The ‘My fitness Pal’ seems to be working and I have managed to lose a couple of pounds, the week ahead weather looks very poor, so will try to get out when I can, only a couple of weeks now to the new arrivals, things still seem to be going well!!

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