Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Running and riding

Saturday 8th August
The weather continues to be very changeable, sunny then a rain shower, but the predominant feature has been the wind!
Sunday last met up with Mike, who I haven’t seen for a couple of months, and a bright but windy and cool morning saw us heading over the levels to Muchelney 38 miles and we ended up directing traffic as there had been an accident on the A358 and traffic was down the very narrow lanes, a caravan causing chaos!.
I was determined to continue my running on Monday whilst Mrs Ian B went to Yoga, so 5.2 miles around town, The initial aches and pains of the previous weeks running seemed to have disappeared and I seem to be back as a ‘runner’
Tuesday, another 42 miles and a spinning session and I continue to complete my ‘ my fitness pal’ app and record my food intake along with the exercise. I seem to be staying within my calorie intake and should start to see my weight reduce over a few weeks. Wednesday was a rest day so no exercise. Thursdays spinning class was cancelled so a run was on the cards, 5.3 miles around town again making sure I did stretches when finished, this along with rolling seems to be sorting the ham strings, still a little tight.
After a trip to Exeter on Friday the evening saw my on the bike, a very quick [for me] 26.5 miles, at 16 mph on a very nice calm, warm evening.

With the entry to the Herepath I now need to build up time on my feet, 13.7 miles off road is a long way to run!!!
Running 10.5 miles
Cycling 105.5 miles

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