Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A week dodging showers

17th August 2015

A very changeable weather week but!
I did manage to cycle 94 milesin two rides both around North Curry and Athelney, my area of choice at the moment, quiet roads, flat with hills at the start and end of the ride,  and run 16.04 miles, in three sessions all on road and round town, enjoyable, but nothing exceptional to write, my 5.5 mile run I have managed to do a 9.21 pace which is the fastest for some time. I seem to be keeping injury at bay although the Hamstring Tendonitis, does give me a real ‘pain the bum’ when driving, but!! No ‘niggly knee’ or calf muscle pulls and no shin splints!!!
My use of the ‘my fitness pal’ app seems to be paying off, recording my food intake each day along with the exercise, does show up where it’s easy to consume ‘useless calories’ I have shifted a few pounds [5 to be exact] and I would like to move a couple more, I do find it easier running cycling and spinning not carrying quite so much weight [even though I am not heavy in the first place]. Cake and biscuits are my downfall and cutting those out seems to help along with keeping in the 1940 calorie intake a day.
Spinning continues to be an exercise ‘sauna’ each session seems to be warmer than the last. The only way I seem to be able to ensure I am really trying is using a heart rate monitor, keeping it around 80% of maximum for the 45 minute sessions twice a week and averaging just below that, compared with the running which seems to give me 75% average on a 5/6 mile run. My maximum each time seems to be 90%.
I do feel reasonably fit and I am sure combining my cycling and running must be paying off!
The weather has been changeable to say the least with some heavy downpours, I do feel for those on holiday in the region, investing their holiday into the area rather than somewhere hot and dry!!
I do hear that the expected twins are doing well and gaining weight, and still expect to spend time in Gloucester at the beginning of September for their arrival into the world.
Still got my eye on the ‘Herepath Half’ at the end of October and hope to build up the miles now I know that 5 or 6 miles is easier.
 I would still like to get in another Audax or two before the end of the season and hopefully get out with Blackmore Vale CTC for several of their ‘further and faster rides’.
Cycling 94 miles
Running 16 miles

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