Sunday, 8 March 2015

Foggy 12.67 miles

It was a very grey morning as I drove over to the Quantocks on Sunday morning, and as I climbed up on to the hills from Taunton the mist got thicker. It was 7am and the car park at lydeard hill was empty except for three empty Easter egg boxes blowing around in the brisk wind. My aim today  was to run at least 12 miles.
I had 2 vests, my long tights along with hat and gloves, and of course my trusty buff to keep the drafts out!
I walked the first couple of hundred yards to warm up with a few dynamic stretches( been reading these are good to do) it was quite muddy as I started to run along the boundary,disturbing four Exmoor ponies across the track, they nonchalantly moved to one side and carried on munching. I could just see down into the Combes through the mist. This got thicker as I started up Wills neck, by the time I reached the summit I could just make out the trig point luckily I know the route well and the correct track of the summit was found without any problem. I did drop out of the mist as I ran along the ridge before closing in again approaching Deadwomans ditch. After a snack of marzipan balls I headed off towards Halsway Post, I hadn't seen anyone since I set off from the car park. On hitting the main ridge again I decided I would run an extra mile northwards to give me a couple of extra miles and ensure I hit my 12 miles. The mist was now thicker and turning into a drizzle, and by the time I was back under trees, they were now dripping. I bumped into several runners on the way back. I was still feeling ok as I hit the 10 mile mark, even though it had taken just under 2hours. I knew I would now hit the 12mile + .
Even the pull back over Wills Neckseemed easier than before. I ran the last couple of miles at a 9.45 min mile, which was excellent.
The Car park was quite full when I got back, stretching before I got back in the car to drive home ( I have found this really works to stop stiff muscles)
I was really pleased with my efforts 12.67 miles.
A good week overall after the Grizzly, two spin sessions and two 5.35 mile runs along with a good Bikeability couple of days. I think I am now getting fitter, I need time on my feet before the end of the month.

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