Sunday, 15 March 2015

A hard week


No Bikeability this week gave a bit more time, weather wise not been great, started off being mild and by yesterday was bitterly cold with the easterly wind. Coffee in the van down Seaton when the weather was nice and a trip to make sure the egg and chips were up to standard in Sidmouth.
Training wise, after last Sundays 12 miler Monday was a rest day, Tuesday I cycled over to Muchelney and Drayton to see how they had raised the road to avoid flooding, I am not sure what they have done will have the effect they are looking for, but what do I know!!
It was a mild day and I was surprised how hard the 39miles was, I suppose again, my running doesn't seem to match my cycling. I also went to spinning in the evening and was surprised how well I went. Wednesday saw me running round the town clocking up 6.2 miles in a good time for a training run. Thursday was spinning day once again and Friday after a very wet cold  miserable day it was 6.2 miles run again. 
I really needed a long run on Saturday so back to the Quantocks, parked up by 7am, a bitterly cold morning with a nasty wind from the East, a very grey morning. It took me some time to get warm, and it was Wills Neck before I was truly warm. I did my usual route but went further along the ridge to the Trig point at the end, I noted at this point I had run 8 miles, so a return run would give me 16 miles + I had my snacks but found after 12 miles I was struggling, fitness wise great, leg wise they were very heavy, aching etc. I struggled back over Wills Neck and by the time I got back to the car my legs were shot! After a coffee and cereal bar, change of clothes I did feel better and the rest of the day my legs felt ok, still 16.36 miles covered, so pleased with that.
This week I have run 41 miles and cycled 39 miles + the spinning miles so maybe over done it!!. I tried the back to back I.e. 6.2miles Friday and 16miles Saturday making 22 miles in two days.
I am not sure I am cut out for the distance, cardiovascular I am fine, clearly spinning helping, but I do lack miles on my feet! Will have to look at my options for Ex to Ax, not quite as keen or positive as I was, particularly as E to A is only two weeks away!!
I think a steady week ahead is needed.

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