Saturday, 29 November 2014

Work and no play

Saturday 29th November

Four days Bikeability, in a range of weathers, one soaking!! And one nice sunny day. Children seem immune to wet weather enjoying riding through the puddles! All children this week were very excited to be riding on the roads, most tell us their parents don't allow them to ride on the roads, unless they are on the pavements! So we are usually starting at point zero with awareness of the hazards on the roads and trying to build their confidence of being in traffic. The down side this week has been my flu/cold has continued, with a cough and a sore throat trying to shout instructions to the children . The other downside has been no running or cycling ( although we did cycle about 5 miles a day on Bikeability ) as I decided the cold was on my chest, I didn't want to make it worse again. I hope to be able to start again over the weekend, although I will be starting afresh as it's three weeks since I did any training.I have now passed it all to  Mrs IanB, so she is now poorly with runny nose aches, coughs etc.
The days are short now, but without wishing life away it's only 3 weeks to the shortest day!!:-)  
I am sat watching the Snowman Triathalon on tv at the moment, looks a nice event, in a fabulous area, must be nice to be that fit.
Updated Saturday evening:-)
Managed to get 26 mile cycle ride this afternoon as it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. I headed over Broadway and out to Hatch Beachamp, fields looking very soggy, and the hedgerows are black twigs, waiting for spring to return, so they can start life again. As I came past Merryfield airfield, the wind sock was very limp, with no wind to fill it. The sun was now very low, the wet runways glistened, almost mirror like.
The roads were quite busy, the good weather fetching them all out. The climbs back over Crock Street were taken at a very steady pace. I was pleased how I went given its 3weeks since I last went out. Average speed was down to 13mph rather than my usual 15 mph. A really nice ride, quite warm, it was good to get out again. The roads were very dirty, with mud spilled out from the verges where tractors had pulled over, so the bike was in a bit of a state when I got back. Seems a regular job now after a ride. The mug of tea and fig roll were welcome when I got home.

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