Monday, 17 November 2014

No runs, no cycle ride, but a few days away in the campervan.

Monday 17th November  
No running and no cycling last week! Didn’t even get to my second spinning class!
The week started full of promise of getting regular runs or cycling in including a weekly spinning session, this all changed when our Grand Daughter was sent home from playgroup as being unwell. We were duly called in to help out whilst parents carried on trying to earn a crust to pay the mortgage!

Monday and Tuesday were a deluge of rain and wind for two days, so no getting out to run [wimp!] Wednesday saw us driving up the motorway to stay at the 'Brierfields' campsite, outside Cheltenham a very good and cheapish site that is in a great position for Gloucester and Cheltenham, sadly it was Cheltenham festival so the campsite was very full, but remained quite.
We had a good three days with our Gdaughter with a bus trip to Gloucester docks and a visit to Bourton in the Water one of the Cotswolds tourist traps, but, very pretty and the Gdaughter really enjoyed feeding the ducks across the many bridges and of course the strawberry ice cream. Riding in the campervan with ‘wheels on the bus’ on the ipod was also a favourite with Gdaughter whilst cow spotting from an elevated position in the van. We were lucky with the weather as it was only really wet on Thursday, but GD was not well enough to go out anyway. Sorry no pictures, the colours across the Cotswolds were stunning, with the beech trees now changing colour, and in the misty light added a real atmosphere.
I clearly had to cancel my spinning class, I can’t get now until two weeks time.
I also started my flu symptoms on Thursday and these continued through till today, I have felt dreadful over the last few days with a heavy cold, aching legs, and thick head.
I don’t understand that every time you get to a point where you are reasonably fit, and managing to get the regular runs/rides in, there is always something that gets in the way, meaning you almost have to start again from scratch, in my case this time it is a cold, but I have had injuries before. Maybe it’s the body telling us enoughs enough!!!
It was nice to be away in the campervan, the van is surprisingly warm  and cosy especially when you hear the rain pit pattering on the roof!!

I should be at Bikeability this morning[Monday]  but, one of the side effects of my cold has been losing my voice, so I had to get cover, I must say, I really think standing on street corners this morning in the pouring rain would not have been good!! So really pleased I took action to cover on Saturday.

We have managed to book a few days in the Lakes in early December after a deal through ‘Fallbarrow Park’, a great position in Bowness so it will be nice to spend a few days before Christmas in the lakes and give us something to look forward to. I hope I get the chance to nip up a couple of mountains, but will be happy rambling around the valleys if the weather is poor, should be snow on the tops J

I am hoping I will be well enough to resume my running before the weekend. I think the cold is starting to shift, but left with a cough, I was also looking at the 10mile Bicton Blister over Woodbury common on the 30th November but! After the break in training I think that is out of the question, I will have to look for something else before Christmas to give me a goal to aim for and give me an idea of my fitness.

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